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Fuuka Yamagishi: Calorie Magic Overload III



...the 3nd of a new Persona Sequence for patron :iconkamenmaster: Kamenmaster, inspired by the original sequences by :iconadamthejoker: AdamTheJoker!


Fuuka couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror.  After another month or so of overindulging on Calorie Magic Overload as well as any other snack she could get her hands on, she had... grown.  Not to mention that the ridiculous outfit she wore for ad campaigns and photoshoots left very little to the imagination.  Fuuka felt vulnerable, like a snail without a shell.  Her body was softer and squishier than she thought was possible.  Her belly bulged out in an embarrassing way, and she was disgusted -- but a little fascinated -- at her incipient double chin.

I don't think I can keep this up, Fuuka told herself for the umpteenth time.  This is just too weird...

Rise, however, was overjoyed at her protege's changed body.  "Fuuka!  You look sooooo good!" Rise would coo, flanked by her handlers and groupies.

"Do I?" Fuuka timidly asked.

"Of course," Rise assured her.  "You're, like, at stage three level of chubbiness.  I remember being that small, but that was... what, a few years ago?"  Rise babbled as she caressed her friend's new curves.  "Stage three is kind of... the point of no return.  You're done being thin, but you're not truly HUGE yet.  But another month or so, and you will be!"  

Fuuka was a little perturbed at Rise's boundless enthusiasm.  Why was she so into this?  Did she really want to become what Rise had become?  Sure, Rise had more fame and money than she could imagine, and the world was endlessly fascinated by her ongoing metamorphosis... but at the same time, it was EMBARRASSING.  Rise must weight 500 pounds by now, Fuuka thought in shock.  She's become totally addicted to this lifestyle.  Is that really what i want?

"Rise..." Fuuka stammered, "I really think I need to slow down.  I'm not sure if this is what I really want.  I feel like if I keep this up, I'm going to go over the edge, like, like..."

"Like me?" Rise asked. 

"Well, yes."

"I understand, Fuu, I really do.  I was the same way... I felt like I was losing control.  That I was becoming a joke and a laughingstock... but trust me," Rise said as she jiggled her enormous belly, "I'm the one laughing now!"

Fuuka managed to smile, but still felt ridiculous. 

"I'll tell you what, Fuu... I've been so busy with my own stuff that I haven't had as much time to spend with you as I want... but that changes now!"  Turning to her assistants, she barked orders that her and Fuuka's schedules must be coordinated from this point on.

Rise drew close to Fuuka, squishing against her in a loving manner, and playfully poked her soft chin.

"Trust me, Fuu... lets have some real fun with this.  Give me one month, and you'll forget that you were ever normal!"

Fuuka felt Rise's hand on her butt, giving it a squeeze.  Oh, she thought... this is... this is kind of what I always wanted...

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