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Fuuka Yamagishi: Calorie Magic Overload II



..the 2nd of a new Persona Sequence for patron :iconkamenmaster: Kamenmaster, inspired by the original sequences by :iconadamthejoker: AdamTheJoker!


At Rise's urging, Fuuka worked towards her official "tryout" with the Corporation.  Basically, she had to gain as much weight as she could in a single month, to prove that she was dedicated to becoming the next big thing.  

It was difficult, because she wasn't entirely sure if her heart was in it.  But with a steady flood of calls, texts, and videochats from her enthusiastic friend, she stuck with it.  It was fun, she admitted, to simply eat everything she felt like, with no inhibitions.  On top of that, a steady supply of Calorie Magic Overload soda kept the pounds coming... last, the day came.  Fuuka walked uncertainly into the studio where Rise and her entourage were shooting, brainstorming, and discussing merchandising rights... Rise was even larger than Fuuka remembered, and she immediately squealed with delight and enveloped her old friend in an extremly squishy bear hug.

"Fuuka-chan, i knew you could do it!  You look so amazing.  Now come on, take off those old clothes and see how your new costume fits!"

Fuuka did so.  Was this really happening?

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You manage to convey a sense of nervousness and vulnerability.