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Fuuka Yamagishi: Calorie Magic Overload I



....the beginning of a new Persona Sequence for patron :iconkamenmaster: Kamenmaster, inspired by the original sequences by :iconadamthejoker: AdamTheJoker!


"Fuuka hasn't seen much of her old senpai, Rise Kujikawa, ever since she became the world's most famous growth model.  But she did see Rise everywhere in the media, and she was constantly amazed at her old friend's ever-increasing size. 

One day, Fuuka got a surprise message from Rise -- it was the first time they had spoken in almost two years.  After exchanging the usual pleasantries and catching up on old times, Rise revealed the "good news" to a flabbergasted Fuuka.

"The company needs a new girl for the new line, Calorie Magic: Overload!  And i made them promise to give you a chance, Fuu!"

"...m-m-m-me?" Fuuka stammered, "but Rise, i'm not sure if... if gaining weight would really be my thing.  It worked out for you, but..."

It took several more minutes of badgering and cajoling, but Rise convinced her old friend to at least visit the company headquarters and consider the offer.  Fuuka would go see her old friend, of course, but was highly dubious of this proposition.  She'd seen the cans of Calorie Magic: Overload in stores, and they were far too big.  Who could even drink one of those?
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It's a good start. I like the uncertainty in her face and the way you framed the dress.