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Cygnus Prototype

By Chronorin
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Not really a landscape, but it looks good using the landscape frame thing.

So i've been trying to redesign my Cygnus character as my Interchange Universe assembles in my head... but this suit design is a bit basic.  her character sheet will look different, i'm sure.  I'm going to think of this one as a prototype generic mech suit that she wears when she first joins the force.  It's basic and clunky, and she'll end up with something much sleeker in the end.
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Looks like this came straight from a movie. Amazing quality.
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Your words, they honor me.
Whoa. 0_0

This looks, like, touchably real. @_@
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Thanks.  Then i have done my job.
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Nice designs; recruits always get stuck with all the clunky gear.
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Like iron man mk1????
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Basically, yes.  

Before long, she starts losing limbs and having them replaced at a comical and alarming rate, until she's about 65% android.
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Seriously cool armor design, nice how you made it look reflective 
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Oooh.  Very nice armor there.  
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It's a bit bulky, but sturdy.
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Well that's what you look for in good armor.  
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Impressive! I like the reflections on the armour.
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