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30 June 2013.
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"It is your responsibility to carry out the duties that have been blessed on to you."

It is the year XXXX and you are a God.

During those ancient days of our deific predecessors—even before the glorious ages of heroes and legends—the world lived in darkness of both a material and intangible nature.  Sagas speak of a great battle between Gods and Titans, beginning in rebellion and ending in victory for the Olympians.  The Twelve reigned in greatness for a time, and though theirs was not an age of complete peace, their dominion was one of majesty and inspiration.

All good things must come to an end, however, and human memory of the gods gradually dwindled and faded into mythology…but their legacy was only just beginning.

The year 20XX: in a time of newfound strife and tribulation, the gods of old had begun to reincarnate in human vessels.  This manifestation began only partially, given the novelty of the phenomenon, and so the first generation of reincarnated gods was still incomplete and lacking in power—partially god and partially human.  Though divine potency increased with each new iteration, they were still mortal—susceptible to harm and, fundamentally, death.  ‘Zeus’, however, upon discovering the ultimate potential of this new race of ‘Blessed Children’, anticipated that Cronus might devour the rest of the first generation (and with them, their lifespans) in order to assume a near-immortal status.  In this way, in order to intercept such a betrayal and massacre, the third iteration of Zeus had Cronus destroyed and scattered the latter’s body parts across the world.  Even so, he failed to realise at the time that Cronus was no mere mortal, and that this single decision would have colossal repercussions for the future of mankind.

Fast-forward to the present—the age of the fifteenth iteration of reincarnated gods, who reside in various districts within the vicinity of Mt. Olympus.  Ours is presently an era of great technological advancement, but also one of dwindling peace and prosperity.  The reincarnated Titans have also cultivated and convalesced their weaponry and knowledge such that they have begun their ascent from the hellish pits of Tartarus.  In light of the impending threat of another Olympian War, the current reincarnated iteration of Zeus has decreed that the scattered body parts of Cronus be gathered up from the ends of the Earth in order to be studied and examined—that the key to immortality might be obtained, and that we might prevent the Titans’ goal: to resurrect him.

And so begins our story.
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Greek Mythology Group
Dedicated to the Gods, Titans, and Heroes of Greece.

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