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    Throughout the series children who reach a certain age are entrusted with a Pokemon and start their own adventure. Adults on the other hand dream to relive those glory days but have jobs and family to deal with, but for those with time  go for a second shot now with higher stakes... (ugh opening narrations are tough)

Now I wish to relive those days of playing Pokemon struggling and conquering everything that stood in my path-
So I'm doing a Eeveelocke in Pokemon X simply because I have hit that wall Hardcore Pokefans reach when its become "too easy." Thankfully there are now 9 Eeveelutions to work with but unfortunately I'm only get 9 Pokemon to use in battle period. These are the rules I came up with studying other Nuzlokes variants (including the few Eeveelockes I've seen)
  • Any Eevee that faint are considered KIA and must never be used again. (Released, boxed or Transferred)
  • This is my first Locke challenge and I'm giving myself 1 mercy rule, it is the Crit clause (cause I HATE dishing and receiving them). 1) If the Eevees are felled by a critical hit I will place them in a "Critically Wounded" box until the next Gym Badge/Healing Macguffin is earned. 2) If an Eevee lands one on the opponent I will go all natural and bombard them with herbs. (The first part allows decent-poor Eevees to fight if an Ace is lost before a battle and part two may actually allow Frustration to be used.)
  • A Gym Badge/Healing Macguffin and only be used the exact moment it is earned and cannot be put on reserve as a Deus Ex Machina. (think of Dragonballs traveling every time they are used/wasted) If no one was wounded before then go ahead and pat yourself on the back!
  • Can only use Eeveelutions in battles (aka Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon.) Exceptions are forced 'Mon battles like the Lucario duel
  • Breeding for Hidden Abilities/Natures and using Super Training/Amie are allowed to make up for the huge loss of encounters (<20). This actually makes each loss more tragic considering the time invested in each Eevee.
  • Team members must be nicknamed for extra attachment, lulz or symbolism I am using a Greek Entities theme Cronus, Zeus, Coeus, Aura, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Selene, Anteros, and Adonis. Have fun guessing whos who :D (Big Grin) 
  • HP/status items are fair game but can only be used three times each
  • Battle format is on "Set" and Baton pass is optional
  • Level cap is set to a Gym Leaders strongest 'Mon. (12, 25, 32, 34, 37, 42, 48, 59 and 68 for the Champ)
  • Shinies and event legendaries (Diancie) are fair game as I play, they just can't be used. We all know Xerneas HAS to be caught so we all know the drill there.
  • HM slaves are authorized but they will be left purposely underleveled making the usually poor eeveelutions (Glaceon, Eevee and Flareon) more useful choices.
  • The Heroine Alice's story ends when A)Runs out of usable Eevees before getting the next gym badge/healing Macguffin to save the wounded from bleeding to death. B)all Eevees are defeated legitimately. Part B applies hard when challenging the E4-Champion since all the Gym Badges/Healing Macguffins are used up. *Update 2014/04/06- C)Allow the original Eevee to evolve will constitute a "Bad Ending"  or an instant game over for the Hardcore. The everstone is allowed but this rule is meant to check players ability to stay alert every level up
This is basically a TouhouXPokemon crossover with Alice Margatroid visiting Kalos with a family of Eeveelutions Yukari provided her. Hopefully I can maintain her [alternate] title of Rainbow Puppeteer throughout the challenge without dipping her into old PC98 Witch of Death territory. (Unless its her team delivering said deathWink/Razz )
    Well thats that, I'll be making comics/pictures of key events that happen along the way, thanks for reading and jump into the unknown with your own Locke challenge!!


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