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Chapter 7: Lone Wolf
Miles from civilization, Sid and Allie make camp at dusk.
"So. . . bounty hunter? How did you decide on such a. . . lucrative career?" Sid asks, sharpening his dagger.
". . ."
"Oh, come on. You stood up for me in front of those geezers who were going to hang me. Now, you're just going to ignore me? I saved your ass back there! Hell, if I am again. You suck."
"Unlike most bounty hunters, I have morals, but that doesn't mean I want to be your friend. In fact, I really don't like you."
"I have morals, too. Like I can't abandon a damsel in distress. If you were a dude, you'd be petfood for Satan's pet back there. Be thankful you were born with a vagina. Even though you'll never use it."
"You are an incredibly vulgar creature. I would rather be in the company of that monster's internal organs than be here with you. I'm going to sleep. Another word, and I will use you to snuff the fire."
Allie leans against a flat rock and falls asleep sitting up. Sid stares at her as she sleeps.
"A million
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Chapter 6: Lost At Sea
In the ocean, the ship containing Drew, Sean, Ivanna and their captors floats slowly to its next destination. On the deck, Charlotte and Danielle look through the loot they stole from the island while the three would-be criminals sit, bound by ropes. Charlotte looks through all of Ivanna's clothes and finds lingerie. She looks at Ivanna.
"Wow, ye like dressin' up fer yer boyfriends, don'cha?"
Ivanna and Sean look at each other, and Ivanna squeals.
"EW! With HIM?! God! Please, don't pluralize that! Drew's my boyfriend. That. . . thing is our lackey."
Sean harrumps.
"I'm their partner-in-crime. And she loves me. Don't let her fool you."
Ivanna lifts her leg up and brings her foot down on Sean's ankle.
"OW! Bitch! That hurt!"
"That was the point, dear. Now shut up. I'm cranky."
Charlotte stares at the oddball trio with an eyebrow raised.
"Aye. . . anyways. . . wha's with all o' these onions with pipes pokin' out o' them? Are ye smokin' 'em, or somethin'? Tha'd explain why ye all act like
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Chapter 5: Bloodlust
A fight breaks out in the schoolyard of a school for skilled people. Several people with different abilities gather around to watch the battle. On one side is a young man with soft, blue eyes dressed in dark clothing. On the other side is a man with a monocle over one of his deep, sea-green eyes dressed in exotic clothing. In his hand, he holds a quarterstaff. Behind him, a young girl cheers him on.
Arav steps forward, and sneers.
"I've been waiting to demonstrate my power for too long. And you're the perfect guinea pig."
The dark young man stares at Arav blankly, and with a mono tone, he speaks.
"Why do you want to fight? Have I upset you? If so, I apologize."
Arav scoffs.
"No, you haven't done anything to upset me. You're just a chump. You pose no real threat, or even challenge. I'm here to prove that ninjas are obsolete. You have no real abilities. You don't belong here. Sorcery is much more effective. Anyone can be a ninja. You have to be born with powers
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Chapter 4: Fear Of The Dark
"See you later, Dev."
"You aren't riding the bus, Ellie?"
"Nah, I'm going to walk home. It's nice out."
"Okay. Well, see you tomorrow!"
Devon gets on the bus and Ellie waves goodbye. As Ellie walks home, the weather gets colder. A sudden darkness is cast over her. She looks up towards the sky, and sees something covering the sun.
"I don't recall there being a solar eclipse today. . ." She mutters to herself.
It begins to grow darker, until it resembles night. Street lights come on, but flicker. Ellie gets scared, and runs quickly home. She finally makes it to her door, her pulse racing. She walks in to find the lights off. Not surprising, as it was broad daylight only minutes before. She flips a light switch, but the light behaves as the ones on the sidewalk. Terrified, Ellie calls out to her parents.
"Mom! Dad! Are you home?!"
Her calls echo through the empty house. She takes her cell phone out, but it's slapped from her hand by someone behind her. Just as she turns around, a bag is t
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Grueling War
The moon is veiled in clouds above me
The time is twenty forty-three
The general rouses us from our tents
In his eyes is a maniacal glint
We fall in line as per his orders
In the distance, the sound of hailing mortars
Despite the odds that predict our loss
I'm forced to fight; I kiss my cross
The sky simulates the hell beneath
Lightning and rain crash down on the heath
The air is thick with clouds of smoke
My clothes are damp, my spirits are soaked
Blood becomes all that I sense
Mothers, children; such a harsh consequence
My faith and resolve fade more with each death
The chilling rattle after their last breath
I don't know why I'm standing here
Tired, hungry and quivering with fear
My wife and kid must be terrified
That promise I made. . . I'm sorry I lied
The barrel of my gun in place
I commit the ultimate disgrace
No more screaming, no more pain
All that I can feel is rain
Fading conciousness, free at last
I get a glimpse of my entire past
Oh my god, what have I done
I'm married and
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Chapter 3: Vengeful Spirit
On the top of a steep castle, a figure's silhouette is cast over the moon.
"Okay, Sebastian. You remember the plan?"
"I do not think it is well thought-out. Many innocents may die."
"Yeah, like you did. Don't forget who this is for."
"Dralle, I do not want vengeance. I was given the curse of metaphysical existance because of my brutal history. I do not deserve such a quick release."
"You were promised that if your killer perished, you would be able to rest in peace. There's no way he could have escaped from this area already. My guess from the wounds on your corpse, it was from a sword. Therefore, someone in this castle must have done it."
"By this point, I do not care. My life was not worth the lives of so many others. I only wish I had realized that before I died."
"You're boring ever since you died. Well, how about this: If you don't help, I'll just go in the castle, and slaughter anyone I see. Even women and children."
"Ah, but I am part of your plan. Without me, you will be torn a
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Chapter 2: The Foxhunt
In a small village on the outskirts of a large forest, chaos and panic break out.
"He stole our food!"
"I saw him kick a child and steal his candy bar!"
"He grabbed me when he ran by. . . tee hee."
Later, in the village's town hall, a meeting is held.
"This man is a nuisance. He has stolen half of our yearly supply of food. He's a hoodlum!"
"Not to mention his sticky fingers tend to do more than pilfer our food."
"I know what you mean. Ever since he came around, my wife has been wanting me to be more adventurous and sneaky. She wants me to act like a mugger!"
". . ."
". . .Right. But it's not that simple. This guy is fast as lightning. If he were that easy to catch, we'd have put a stop to him months ago."
"I have an aquaintance who might be able to help. Well, maybe not aquaintance. But anything can help."
After murmurs of agreement, the council decides to let the outsider try to deal with the menace.
The next week, the thief makes his rounds through t
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Chapter 1: Troubled Waters
On an island in the middle of the ocean, a couple sit on the beach, messing around. The woman dressed in a skimpy bathing suit, the man dressed in a business suit, and an eyepatch.
"Oh, Drew. Oh. . . Drew!"
The breathy, sensuous voice of the woman exclaims.
"Excuse me, madam. Would you like a sex on the beach?"
"Oooh. . . depends. . . how much?"
"How about your-"
The loud, bellowing voice roars as a huge, enraged figure approaches the amorous couple.
"Sean, what the hell? Can't you see we're in the middle of something here?"
"Well, Drew. I would be in the middle of something, had you not EATEN MY POTATOES! Those things don't grow on trees, you know?!"
"Yes, Sean. I am familar with agriculture. They grow in the ground. Also, they are edible. And might I add, quite tasty."
"I need those for my experiments! Living on an island doesn't exactly give me a good source of vegetation. It costs me money to have these things-"
"US money, Sean. It costs US money to supply US
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Grey Matter Split
Grey Matter Split: Black and White
My girlfriend and I were meant for each other
I cannot imagine ever loving another
We're not only in love, we are the best of friends
It's clear to anyone that this will never end
It's silly to believe such a relationship could work
She's a beautiful girl with potential, I'm a perverted jerk
I'll never be the man that she deserves
I'm just another sleaze with a fixation on curves
My family argues day and night
I'm forced to listen to them fight
But at least they don't resort to violence
Despite the lack of peace and silence
I cannot sleep because of this
These ongoing screams of bitterness
If they don't kill each other soon
They'll be my lunch this afternoon
Life is short if you have too much fun
You must know when to walk when you want to run
Enjoy the simple things at a crawling pace
Only move around when you need the space
Why do we bother pursuing dreams
When death's a fad these days, it seems
Struggle hard to reach the top, and never reap
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 0 1
The Peahen And The Crow
A stoic, winged creature settles in the woods
Its darkened plumage suggests that it is of no good
Not a mean-spirited creature, but merely disturbed
This is why it is brooding when it is observed
Guiding others from harm, while neglecting itself
Had taken its toll on the chrono crow's health
Sinking further within its very being, it loses its sanity
Losing all sense of judgement, morality and even vanity
Loneliness and discontentment handicap his fight
He finally goes against his will and does what isn't right
Now unforgiven by himself, he broods amongst the trees
"What happens to me now?" he thinks "I'm like a damned disease!"
His feathers fall around the forest, a reminder to everyone
Of the bird that fell from the sky above and has no strength to run
Having reached the point of no return, the crow now perches high
Afraid to move, afraid to live, afraid to sit and afraid to fly
But attempting to move on brings fortune to the crow
As a sweet peahen he helped has affection to show
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 1 1
Necessary Tragedy
On a day in which you have no fears
News befalls your tender ears
Someone dear has reached their end
And their spirit swept away in the devastating wind
A reunion of family and friends is set
Though none of them wish it was happening yet
An occasion too bleak to enjoy the crowd
Instead of echoing laughter, it's the crying that's loud
Not a party nor a friendly get-together
A time to say goodbye to that loving face forever
His peaceful body laid to rest so everyone can see
That a wonderful man's soul was finally set free
Missing him greatly is his eldest granddaughter
Who remembers their talks and all the things that he bought her
Finding it difficult to accept the death of someone she loves
She cries herself to sleep at night and dreams of him with doves
But death is not an evil thing, painful as it may be
For to have limitation at all on life, it must be necessary
We were made mortal by the decision of our creator
The question why is one that we will have to save for later
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 1 1
Surreal Tilt: Prologue
It is believed that we live in a world where magic is a myth, pirates are history and witchcraft is nothing more than mutilation of small animals and a whisper to obscure demons.
But the truth of it is, we have it all wrong. Magic is very much alive, pirates still roam the seas, and witchcraft consists of wands and cauldrons.
It is thought that none of the things we read about in fiction novels could ever happen in real life. So how should we react when we learn that the concept of logic we hide behind isn't what we thought?
This is the story of many people, their powers, and the single incident that drew them to one another.
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 1 8
False Alarm by Chronobrain False Alarm :iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 0 0
24 Hours In 24 Lines
Stars illuminate the darkness of night
The comforting wind whips across the ground
The grass glistening from the moonlight
The crickets creating their familiar sound
The sun rises up to chase the night away
Dew forms on all the flowers and the trees
The birds' songs ring in the new day
The day opens up with a crisp, gentle breeze
Midday showers cool the day down
And provide nourishment for all the trees
Animals take shelter so as not to drown
While rain drops fall into the stormy seas
Clouds make way for the brilliant sun
Its light shines over the grassy hills
The final sign that the day is done
The sun casts crimson into the sky that it fills
The day once again comes to an end
Everything in nature is so perfect and pure
Such a beautiful world we live in
Tomorrow will be just as gorgeous, I'm sure
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 0 1
Predicted Snow
Snowflakes fall upon our heads
As we play like kids in the snow
All our worries, fears and dread
Fade away in Aurora's glow
Snowball fights that last 'til dark
Snowmen built in playful spirit
The gentle chimes upon we hark
Within the chilly wind we hear it
It's times like these where we recall
The greatest parts of life and bliss
Are our friends and most of all
The laughs, the love, the happiness
Though we wait
Though we know
The time we hate
Will go too slow
But once we see the snow come down
And the smiles of loving friends
Departing from our dull hometown
Was what we needed in the end
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 1 10
The Hand
The day that the hand came down from above
Will be remembered for years to come
Awakening the spirit of care and love
It is considered the holiest day to some
After hatred and greed had taken their toll
The ultimate power had enough of the mess
Everything that lives has a personal soul
And no one should ever be treated as less
Shading the sun with its incredible size
The hand broke the sky striking fear into all
The people gazed on with shock and surprise
"Armageddon is here! Civilization will fall!"
But rather than cause destruction as feared
The hand simply scattered rays from its palm
When the bright prism light had finally cleared
All the hatred was gone, all was peaceful and calm
After that day, the hand was forgotten
But society has once again become rough
Anger and hatred, the people are rotten
So expect to see the hand once again, soon enough
:iconchronobrain:Chronobrain 0 1

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