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My Bio
We are Chrono Fantasy - joint account of two best friend/Cosplayers/Artist/Dreamers

Akira - So this is me; a shy, quiet, bookworm that appreciates the simple things in life. I'm pretty laid back and mostly content but I do have some rather ambitious dreams. I'm a crafty, artistic individual. I love video games, shopping, comics, and spending time with friends and family. I've been into cosplay for about 10 years now. So far I've completed these cosplays: Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon, Yuna (Gun Mage) - FFX-2, Yuna (Songstress) - FFX-2, Skuld - Ah! My Goddess, Merleawe - Magical X Miracle, Lightning - FFXIII, Sailor Mercury (again) - Sailor Moon, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat - X-men
Cosplays I have planned: Chi-chi - DBZ, Serah Farron (Style and Steel) - FFXIII-2, Tidus (crossplay) - FFX, Rose - Legend of Dragoon

Miki/Lee-Lee - I'm wild, crazy, and a bit off the wall sometimes. I love adventure and getting lost (but finding my way back) is my specialty. I've been doing Cosplay for over 10 years but just now really getting into displaying my work. I've done Sailor Jupiter,Rinoa (FF8), Lenne (FFX-2), Deedlit (Lodoss War), Black-Rose (.Hack), Kami (Malice Mizer), Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess), Jubilee (X-men) and a couple more I'm drawing blanks on.
I'm currently working on: Bulma (DBZ) Lightning (FFXIII-2), Shana (Legend of Dragoon) and a 1,000 more in my head.

We would also like to give a shout out to our dear friend, Kiki our awesome photographer!

Together we make up Chrono Fantasy! The Yin&Yang the Night&Day The Wild&Crazy - Chocobo breeding friends that want to rule the world (wait did I say that? Shhh you didn't read that ^^0)

Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone with a dream and a vision
Favourite Movies
Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Escaflowne, MoonChild, Bunraku
Favourite TV Shows
Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Big Ban Theory, Walking Dead,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
GACKT, Miyavi, Utada
Favourite Books
Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter,
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/XIII-3
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS 1-4
Tools of the Trade
Stuff we find laying around, Tape, Hot Glue, Wigs, Fabric, Paint
Other Interests
Animazement is coming too quickly!  So many cosplays and so little time :O
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IchibanCon 2015

0 min read
So we're prepping for Ichi and we've got some super secret cosplays we're breaking out for this one  ^^  Gosh, I'm so excited!!!  Animazement was spectacular; as always.  We hit up HoshiCon and Charlotte Comicon.  Even had a nice little cosplay cookout.  We missed Cosplay America and LibrariCon, but life goes on.  I just heard about this thing called Carolina Anime Day that we're going to have to check out sometime in October, I think.  Definitely hitting the Carolina Renaissance Festival and the Autumn Jubilee.  Who knows what other adventures this year will have in store for us.  But mostly, right now, we're focusing on Ichi and our Legend
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I've finished the base of my shield and cut out/painted the detail pieces.  Still building up the main dome of the shield.  This is going to take a while, but for now, here's a small tutorial.  Unfortunately, my camera is broken so the quality of the pictures isn't all that great (I had to use my phone).  I'll be expanding on this tutorial very soon so be sure to check back.  Any questions, just ask ^.^ ~Aki
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