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Ar'chi Hoyu Portrait Comission by Clockwork-Horologist
Rhyne's Call by the-sweetroll-thief
Commission for Nesaenyra for COE by Clockwork-Horologist
Dras by Bloodtruffle
Waerd by Desi-Doll
Breezy by Shadosia
Cheeky by Shadosia
CoE Kypiq by Winterlx
Weapons and Armors
Sword of the Poppies by HellmoonHV
Peace in Elyria by HellmoonHV
Elyrian Steel: Details by HellmoonHV
Chronicles of Elyria: Staff of Rahune by HellmoonHV
Commission by HellmoonHV
Commission by HellmoonHV
Commission by HellmoonHV
Commission by HellmoonHV
Chronicles of Elyria fanart: Snowy Scene by HellmoonHV
Forestholme, Chronicles of Elyria (Hamlet) by HellmoonHV
The Chase by slithas
[Fanart] Chronicles of Elyria: Explore by prathdarkwyrm
Hrothi Temple by the-sweetroll-thief
Inktober 2017 Day 10 by HellmoonHV
Fauna and Flora
Commission: Dapper Pteroguin by HellmoonHV
Summer Alpines by the-sweetroll-thief
Melon Turtles by Project5243
Canopy Cat by Project5243
The Dras on their short stay on To'resk land by Winterlx
The Ring of Erathor (lore) by HellmoonHV
The Elyrian Explorer: Part 5 by HellmoonHV
The Elyrian Explorer: Part 4 by HellmoonHV

Mature Content

King Evelake and Count Mythos riding by Minabrine
Miscellaneous Art
Soul Design for Chronicles of Elyria by HellmoonHV
Just some small role updates:

* I've updated Member & Contributor roles with the ability to submit deviations to any folders they want, nothing will require votes other than the featured folder that still requires 2 votes.
* Contributors may now vote on submissions that come in which should help with inactivity and submissions expiring.
* Submission expiration is significantly longer in effort to make sure they are accepted.

If you encounter issues with the fan group there are several ways to reach out to me:
- Message me directly through discord (Hellmoon#4053)
- Message me through the Official forums of COE (ttps://
- DA notes are OK but may not reach me very quickly

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General Information & Rules:

Welcome to Chronicles of Elyria!

A group specifically for sharing your CoE related fanart.

Official Game Site:

Want more information on Chronicles of Elyria?
COE Wiki: chroniclesofelyria.gamepedia.c…
COE Subreddit:…

:bulletred: Original work ONLY, Memes or shopped concept art or screenshots are not acceptable.

:bulletred: Give constructive feedback on work - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it!

:bulletred: If you have questions, ASK! Please check-in with an admin if you are unsure of whether a submission is acceptable before you submit it!

:bulletred: FEATURED DEVIATIONS requirement:
Must submit at least 5 works to the group before works show up in featured, special exceptions do apply - contact admins for special exceptions. Any official fanart contestants are accepted to features regardless of submission count!

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Well I think I'll draw some fanart :)
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I've never used Deviantart before, so how do I contribute to this group thing?
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