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chara vs Sans pt 3



Freakin Chara runnin away at the last second... Now Sans has to see Frisk's dying eyes! And... Frisk has to see his flames go out...

Recorded 21 hours of footage. Probably three of the hours took up procrastination tho...

next: (soon)

Also view the comic here:


Read the fanfiction up to this point here (NO SPOILERS) :…

Update about a year plus later: This comic won't be continued. If you want to read what happens next, here ya go: (forgive me, its old writing)
(excerpt from THE LAUGHTER)

The pain set me doubling over, my limbs suddenly weak, and my legs giving way. Sans staggered as he caught my weight, and we crumpled to the ground. I felt with my hand my wound, but it hurt so bad I could barely touch it. I was as good as dead. “Told you… Chara… Sans would… beat you… he does… every time…”

“Frisk? Is that you?”

It always hurt like fire until the last few seconds… But seeing Sans eyes looking down at me like that? That pain never left me. Gasping for breath, I shifted my gaze upward. Sans looked petrified, holding his breath. The white stars in the hollows of his eyes were small in shock, his eye sockets rimmed with tears. His right arm was extended towards me, and I realized he was holding me up, the bony fingers of his right hand dug into my left shoulder. I couldn’t feel it. I was shivering, panting in crippling pain.

“I hear you, Sans…” I grinned, but there was a foul taste of iron in my mouth. “I miss them so much… Chara… Chara made me… kill them… Sans, I’m so sorry…!”

“Oh kid, what happened to you?” he wailed. “Frisk… hey… I’ve forgiven you. It’s okay. I know it’s not your fault things turned out this way… But now that your awake… you have the chance to fight Chara. So Reset. Before all of this. You have that power, even now.”

I could barely muster the words. “Sans… I don’t want to keep killing- what if- what if she makes kill them all over again? I just want this to end… I can’t fight you again!” I wept into Sans shoulder, bleeding out. “I can’t beat Chara… It’s impossible!”

“Kid, you’re talkin’ to a livin breathin’ skeleton,” gripping my shoulder tight, trembling, he looked me dead in the eyes. “And you have the power to turn back time. Do you really wanna have this conversation about the impossible right now? So don’t you let yourself believe anything is impossible! We’re both dying anyways, you know? Nothing left to loose, now…”

“What?” I looked down, and saw the blade in my hand piercing Sans jacket, red oozing. “No!” I wailed. “Sans… H-how do I keep Chara from taking over again?”

“You tell Chara she can shove it. You have power to stand against that demon, you hear me, Frisk? Realize how strong you are Frisk, because Chara’s just stealing all that power from you. When you do reset… I’ll be there at the door waiting for you. You just let me deal with Chara. You understand me? I can’t lose any more friends… and I want to kill Chara, but I can’t… cause Frisk, you’re my friend too…”

Everything went black. I couldn’t tell whether or not I was standing or sitting, I was just surrounded by darkness. “S-Sans?” I looked around. “I can’t… see…?” I gulped.

“I’m here, Frisk.” Sans said gently, it sounded as though he were right beside me. He took my left hand and guided me until I felt a space open before me… a gridwork of orange light that wove and cut through time and space… a sort of door, or tunnel from this dark timeline to a better one… before it all began. The darkness lit just faintly by the orange glow, and I saw Sans was beside me. 

Something hot and angry boiled inside me. “You really think you’ll stop me, Sansy?” Chara was grinning, laughing, using me to do so. But there was some sort of feeling that Chara was glad to have gotten this response out of Sans.

“I promise.” Sans glowered, and shoved me forward through the door. The dark consumed us all, and whipped us away through time and space.

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Lets guess: this comic is dead?