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Attain Your Goal

"Knowledge has its seat in the head; it is the eye of desire, and can become the pilot of the soul." - Will Durant

Wow, this took me forever to finish and went through a lot of revisions to get the idea just right! I'm pretty new to photomanipulation so tips are very appreciated! 

Stock Used:
Mountains -- AlzirrSwanheartStock
Sky -- mindym306
Hot Air Balloons -- FairieGoodMother
Model -- faestock
Fabric (large) -- AlzirrSwanheartStock
Fabric (small) -- FairieGoodMother
Open Book -- AbsurdWordPreferred
Stack of Books -- Inadesign-Stock

Made some changes to it following some advice! Mostly making the mountains and sky look more compatible, and putting the balloons a little more out of focus.

Update #2:
Got some more advice so made some more changes! ;) (Wink) I tried to make the girl match the colour a little more, as well as the fabric while I was at it. It hasn't completely solved the problem of her seeming like part of the image but I have an essay I need to work on rn so it'll have to wait a few days Giggle
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This is really excellent and profound! I think it goes to show that the sky's the limit if you have dreams and it's always good to go a little preparation on the ground beforehand ^^
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Thank you so much! Love
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It definitely looks better now though. Maybe adding harder shadows under her? Right now they're pretty soft, which  usually indicates the object casting the shadow is farther away.

Good luck on your essay! :bounce: 2
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Thanks!! And I never really thought of that! In fact all this time I'd been making them softer (oops!) Dead (RIP) I'll definitely have a play with the shadows! La la la la

Thank you! :D (Big Grin)
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Really awesome concept! I'm a sucker for surrealism :) I'm not a manipulator so I don't know how to give concrete advice, all I can say is that the balloons look really good (like actually part of the photo!) The girl still doesn't quite match the coloring/lighting I think. But I don't know any tips on how to fix it...

Overall I really like the concept though, great perspective and composition :)
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Thank you so much! Love And thanks for the advice! I've been feeling that about the girl too but I wasn't sure how to fix it either :( (Sad) But I'll look through some tutorials on it though and play with the lighting and colour in the next few days! La la la la
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you could color balance both the mountain and the sky and make the edges of the mountain just a little softer so its not super sharp 
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but overall its good
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Thank you!! And thank you for the advice! I'll definitely try that out! :D I did colour balance the mountains a little but I don't think I did anything to the sky so they did stay seeming a bit unblended Sweating a little... 
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no problemo!! i can give you a little more advice if you want :3
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That'd be awesome! But only if you'd like to! Even just linking me to some good tutorials would help a great deal!
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really simple photoshops like the ones on this:…

i just pick ones that look interesting and do them, sometimes while doing em u get new info like "omg i didnt know that" and like use it for ur newest art... at least thats how i got better
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Thank you! Love I'll have a look through some of them! I am a dummy!  I've read some of their pixel art ones before and they're quite good for learning new stuff!
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mhmm <3 you're welcome to send me notes if you want to ask anything
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Very cool! Always like something done well, and with a positive message.
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Thanks so much! Huggle! Yeah, positive messages are always super refreshing!
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Create more when you get the time and inspiration.
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I definitely will! :D
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