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Domokun Plush tutorial

This plush looks hard, but really it is quite simple. This one took me 3 hours and it is completely hand sewn so you can see how easy it is.

Hopefully my instructions won't complicate the process ^_^.

As usual please let me see any domokun you make because of this tutorial and please credit me if you post it.

This tutorial is for personal use only.

I highly recommend you try this wonderful tutorial by :iconaiwa-9: to help get the gist of how to make this.

You can probably make this keychain size by simply resizing the image ^_^.

Download for the printer friendly version

:iconevalrie: Made a youtube video of her progress. Helpful for those who need a visual. [link]

Domokun's by other deviants!

:icondeathpixeel::iconpurrplecat::iconjedi-gemstone: :iconu-yaa::iconthaurendim::iconpandari:
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SoccerStrider01's avatar
About how big is the finished product
SoccerStrider01's avatar
Thank you sooooo much for the pattern
demenian's avatar
I used your pattern here >> [link] Thanks for the pattern! :3
VirgoGarg's avatar
If I was better with my sewing machine, I would use this to make a laptop case.
chelsmith18's avatar
This kind of inspired me, I hope you don't mind: [link]

God Bless!! Glory to God in Jesus Name, Amen!
KittehKandi527's avatar
thnx for the pattern :D
MIURIN's avatar
Thanks, hon.
ADelusionalAlchemist's avatar

looks like an awesome pattern.
i will give this a try. thanks for posting :D

autumnat's avatar
i love domokun!
blumarine's avatar
What do you use for the eyes? Are those beads?
chronicdoodler's avatar
They are actually buttons with the hole underneath.
blumarine's avatar
So, do you have to cut a hole to put in this button? I'm using beads but I find they stick out too much.
chronicdoodler's avatar
The buttons are pretty flat. I get them at Walmart and they are maybe a 1/4 tall from bottom to top.
techieofthenight's avatar
Hi! This was truly helpful when making my Domo. ^.^
thiloveseric's avatar
this is just awesome :]
llewella20's avatar
This is a great tutorial. I made me wanna make a domo-kun as well, and here it is [link] . And of course, I linked to this page :D
Evalrie's avatar
I used your template here:

It turned out great =)
chronicdoodler's avatar
Cool! I will link you on the tut in case anyone needs a visual. :)
PinkMisfortune's avatar
Im thinking of making it into a bag :D
A really big bag :D
chronicdoodler's avatar
You can buy faux leather from walmart that would probably look awesome and hold up better than fleece. :)
PinkMisfortune's avatar
Thanks (:
I'll keep that in mind
sweeter-than-reality's avatar
this is what i'm looking for XD
thanks =D
Ying-Yang-Twiinz's avatar
It's Dumo!!!
Thanks for tut..
Now I shall go make one.
tokyopink15's avatar
:) I made my own domo-kun using your tutorial
Thank you for creating the tutorial, it was really simple and I love my domo-kun <3

[link] & [link] & [link]
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