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300 The Movie Start Orb



300 The Movie Start Orb for Windows 7:



x86 Explorer.exe (32bit)
x64 Explorer.exe (64bit)
Replacer tool to replace explorer.exe with the new one

If the replacer tool wont work. Take ownership of the explorer.exe.

How to take ownership of the explorer.exe?

1. Right click to the explorer.exe
2. Select properties
3. Then security
4. Advanced
5. Owner
6. Edit
7. Change your user as the owner
8. Click apply

9. You own the explorer.exe


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I hope you enjoy

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im a member over at [link] and we would like your permission to share your start orbs with our members. we will not be hosting the download only a pic and a link back here so that they may grab it from you. of course you will be credited on our site. please respond to my profile and thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us.