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Rose, GNC Trans Lesbiman, 22
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#BlackLivesMatter by chronic-rose, visual art

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- Commissions: OPEN -

If you've ever wanted to be my friend, I don't mind unprompted conversations or questions!

(I'd prefer anyone asking to be friends to be 18 years old or older.)

I will not tolerate racism, ableism, sexism, classism, antisemitism, islamomisia, fatmisia, xenomisia, LGBTQIA+misia/MOGIAmisia, SWERFs, TERFs, or any prejudice against minorities.

I highly appreciate critique on my work!

If you have the time and energy I'd love for you to help me out! c:

This is everyone waiting on a commission from me.

If I missed you please let me know!

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Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, The Owl House, Amphibia
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Three Days Grace, Mystery Skulls, Chevelle, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Korn, Volbeat, 3 Doors Down, Green Day
Favourite Games
Bug Fables, Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Hollow Knight, Metroid, Mario, Jack Box Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, PC

Help Needed!!

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Friends in need of help, offering discounted commissions!
25% off my pixels - or a sketch for any donation over $5
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Edit: My friend got the money they need to pay off their mom’s meds but my other friend still needs help, so this will stay up a bit longer! My friend needs help paying for their mother’s heart medication so I’m putting my commissions on sale. USD PayPal Discounted Prices: $22 for 50x50 pixels or $38 for couples $24 for 80x80 pixels or $40 for couples $26 for 100x100 pixels or $42 for couples $30 for 150x150 pixels or $45 for couples Examples: Please buy if you can!! You can buy multiple for the same discounted price! I will be giving the funds I make directly to my friend. Any extra funds I get will be going to my other friend who is also struggling to pay bills because of their disability> If you can’t afford a pixel, I’ll do a colored sketch for you for any donations above $5! Please help in any way you can!
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I haven't gotten any commissions here in a while so I'll be trying out a new website called I'll still check here every now and then but will be less active. here's my new profile!
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Thanks for the watch back, Your art-style is excellent!

thank you so much! I really like your headshots!!

Thanks, I plan on animating them later and making full 3d models later of the same characters for a pretty big project Im soloing right now.

oh nice! that sounds really cool c:

I dabble in 3D art, i haven't shown off my recent stuff tho cuz it's a WIP and idk when I'll get back to it lol

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thanks for the watch!! your art is so cute, love your animations

aw thanks! I really like your paintings! honestly I wish I could paint like that, but I struggle with shading lmao

Thanks for the watch!