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Another pokemon, as I said I'd do before.

Since we're in october, I thought of focusing on ghost pokemons and some other similar stuff. I'm not sure if I can keep the idea going, but yeah, I'll try.
I don't know much about Misdreavus, to tell the truth. But I always thought of them as cute, in their own way. And I also love the colors, so... I really wanted to draw one.

The forms for the hair and the eyes were a little tough for me, and I needed a circle ruler to make the beads for the necklace. Unfortunately, I am sick, coughing almost all the time and very impatient right now, so I didn't use it while using the marker. My bad.

I also had some trouble while coloring, cause the green pencil left too many white bits on the face and I had to fill them with another similar green, that's why it ended up like this. Anyway, I think it's good for now... Gotta take my sketchbook and look for a few tutorials, I guess...
I just love this fat cat. Like really XD

It's been quite a long time since I watched Natsume Yuujinchou. I watched the first three seasons, but kinda forgot to keep watching. Now I have three more seasons (and who knows how much more) to watch, but I wanna start from the beginning and watch it all with my boyfriend. I guess he'll love it, specially with a character like Nyanko-sensei XD

I made this a few days ago (three days ago, to be exact), but just forgot to post. Used a screenshot as a base, and a mechanical pencil for the first time, for minor details. I'm not used to draw with them, but I love to write with them, so... I think it may be good sometimes. I had some troubles with the form of his face and such, but it went out allright. And the shadows are fine, I just wish I didn't put such force on the pencils while coloring. As I said before, it's one of my bad habits.

Anyway... Something simple, just to keep the practice. And... Am I the only one who thinks his tail looks like a rabbit tail? It's kinda funny now that I've noticed it XD
Ok, finally a drawing that truly pleased me with the results. After some time, at least XD

I made this one yesterday, using a random pic of Pikachu. His feet were the hardest parts for me, along with his little fingers. And I used a circle ruler to make his eyes, that's why they look so perfect XD
I'm happy with the colors too. This time I feel that all the colors are right, and well done too. I made a few mistakes with the marker, but yeah, it happens XD

And well... This is the first time I draw something from Pokemon. I watched it since it first premiered in Brazil, which was... *looks at Wikipedia* in May 1999. I was 6, and I fell in love with the show and the whole Poke-mania that came along. I remember asking my father to draw some Pokemons from a magazine he gave me and a lot of things. So, I feel proud to finally get to draw a pokemon alone, starting by the most famous of them. And I plan to draw many others, of course.
Trinity Glassfille
It's been kinda hard for me to draw lately. I've been trying and leaving many drawings unfinished, which frustrates me a lot. Still, I'm trying.

This time, I chose Trinity from BlazBlue, and wanted to draw her the same way I did with Shiki. I still need better pencils for coloring, so I thought of sticking with the monochromatic drawings for a while. But, well... I think it's not enough.

The forms were kinda easy at first, but her eyes... It was a pain to make them. I erased them and tried a lot before getting some decent results. And it was harder cause I needed some space for her glasses. It's the first time I draw a character with glasses, and yeah, it was a lot more painful than I thought it would.

Also, I messed up with the tones for the hair, and it went out darker than planned. I had to make the lines darker and thicker, so they wouldn't just disappear within the gray, and I smeared her face and erased it countless times before finishing too, which was terribly annoying.

I think it's a "decent" job for now. But I really, really need a lot more practice.
After some time without drawing and some frustrations related to it, I chose to draw something a little more... Simple.

Yeah, I failed while trying to draw other things, and couldn't figure out what to do. Then, I suddenly remembered Kirby, and decided to draw him.
The only game I played with Kirby was Kirby Epic Yarn, which I love. It's one of my favorite games from Wii. It would be good to draw sothing from the game itself, but that's what we have for now XD

Just used some basic materials: Pencils and markers. A quick drawing, and a little relief for the frustration I mentioned before.


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