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Toot Toot 1: Boats... with guns... GUNBOATS! by ChromeFlames Toot Toot 1: Boats... with guns... GUNBOATS! by ChromeFlames
Open the planet ~ stop having it be closed.

--- Shitty short story time ---

"Mommy look!"

The voice of Ella's daughter caught her attention. At first, she felt irate at the fact that the voice came from above - Ella has warned her mischievous little girl not to stray too far up the surface. But then, an unfamiliar mechanical noise rumbling throughout the ripple sent her into a frightful panic, driving her to the surface towards her child.

"Stella! Come back down! There's danger!" Ella warned, grabbing Stella by the back, trying to drag her back to water. "Mom! You don't understand!" the child argued whilst trying to wriggle out of her mother's gentle, but firm grasp. The noise got louder and a gargantuan figure could be made out of the fog - emerging from it is a gigantic ship, not like the other wooden ones with cloth sails - it was entirely metal and unlike the gunboats of the surface elves and men, it didn't have numerous cannons on its side, but gigantic gun batteries, with a humongous cannon sticking prominently on the top.

"Stella! Please! Those warriors will kill us if they find us!" Ella begged her daughter to come down.

A sailor emerged from the boat, eyeing down on the duo. Ella was scared stone cold, going limp on the grip of Stella, whom appeared to be eyeing on the man intently. The man returned to his room and reappeared momentarily, hurling something at the young Mermaid.

"Thank you!" Stella shouted her gratitude to him.

The sailor shouted warmly, albeit in a language foreign to the Mermaids. Ella then grabbed the object from Stella, "Is that... a toy?" she mumbled, whilst fiddling around with an action figure of an Armored soldier, and almost dropping it in shock as she pressed a panel on it, causing it's eyes to flash and 'speak'

'Join the Coalition Army, Soldier!'

"Sky man is good... he says he will bring me more toys when he sails here again" Stella coaxed her mom to relax

Ella sighed as she swam to a rock, watching the boat intently as it moved along, whist her daughter continued to watch in awe nearer...
DannWillis Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
You know the short stories are quite detailed and very well written, I am extremely impressed since the only thing I can write well are gun descriptions (sort of, anyway).
Congrats to you.
ChromeFlames Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
ayy thanks... but this one was kinda pulled out of ass at the moment of submitting here haha... i have too much free time...
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