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The Soldier and The Girl by ChromeFlames The Soldier and The Girl by ChromeFlames
Contest entry for :iconneko-kyohaku:! Contest link here CONTEST: Draw My OC! [OPEN] 

Just a something a little different from all of the entries, since most of them are solo pics of Koneko in different outfits and in cheery backgrounds, I have decided to do a little something unorthodox!

Just a little tale behind this picture... Don't mind if I twist the lore here and there abit XP


It's year 2524

The Space Faring Association of Federal Earth located a new Planet; VZ-8b in the Veras Solar System, or as the locals call it "The Spirit World". 

The Federation offered the locals a share of their advanced technology, in exchange for establishment of their great colonies and to mine the great resource rich uncharted lands of the world.

There was peace and progress for the Spirit World a time as their Magic and the Federal's Technology coexisted harmoniously as both sides helped each other in shaping the future of the world.

But it didn't last long... It was not before long the enemies of the Federation had also found the obscure world, and want to claim their share of the Planet's bounty.

The long enemies of the Federation, the Nazis sent Armadas of War-Cruisers and Battlecrafts to snatch the Planet away by force, leaving the Federation and the Inhabitants to defend their homes...

War has begun... The fights were bloody and unforgiving as both sides of the field fired waves and waves of metal, shrapnel and directed energy...

Here, we have a Federal Soldier, having fallen in duty to his wounds whilst protecting a victim of war... 

Her name is Koneko...

Cerosuu Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I love the dark themes you put into this~ >u<
Koneko looks so cute and sweet, her expression is so perfect!!
The background is so detailed afghjk and the extra character looks so cool!!
I love it~
Thank you so much for the amazing entry!
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December 17, 2014
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