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Porkeymonsters by ChromeFlames Porkeymonsters by ChromeFlames
One day, I got bored. So, I drew some Pocket Monster OC's

Name: Mika
Gender: Female
Species: Gardevoir
Nature: Modest
Characteristic: Highly curious
Desc: Mika is yer average everyday Gardevoir that longs for an exciting life but till then, she works in a sweatshop game development industry as an artist. She secretly draws yaoi when no one is looking~~

Name: Mr. EisenGroß (EisenGross)
Gender: Male
Species: Metagross
Nature: Pissed Adamant
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Desc: Mika's fascist Manager. He likes bossing and yelling at employees. But little that is known that he was a veteran in both 'nam and 'raq. He suffers frequent war flashbacks as a result and relies on pills or he goes apeshit.

Name: Pikachu Miyamoto
Gender: Male
Species: Pikachu
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Desc: The Glorious president of Nintendo. May his glorious presence bringeth light unto thine world.

Name: Bob, Bobby and Bobblin
Species: Dedenne
Gender: Male, Male, ?
Nature: Jolly, Jolly, Jolly
Characteristic: Likes to run
Desc: These 3 brothers were abandoned at birth and adopted by Dugtrio parents... Up till now, despite their parents greatest efforts to break it up to them, they still believe that they are Dugtrio

Name: Colossal Diglett
Species: Titan shifter Diglett
Gender: Male
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Desc: He breached Vermilion City and gave them a reminder that they lived the reminder that they lived under the fear of the Digletts and were disgraced to living in cages. His real name is B███████ ██████

Name: Berserk Bellsprout
Species: Bellsprout
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Desc: After learning Strength and reading some Comics about Giants, he thinks he is Eren Jaeger.
Kingtankone Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Metagross + PokeBeret = Awesome
ChromeFlames Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014

I always liked Metagross to be a pissed off Veteran and such :D
paulinaghost Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Looks great.=) You've got a lot of nice stuff that deserves more comments and favs. You should try submitting your stuff to groups.
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October 8, 2013
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