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#LongLiveTheChase by ChromeFlames #LongLiveTheChase by ChromeFlames
Welp, a Bloodborne X Grand Chase crossover... Not your average everyday crossovers lol and its the hunter from Bloodborne backstabbing her... :p

Since I heard Grand Chase Servers will be shutting down this year, and Bloodborne's coming soon, I find this pretty appropriate...

We'll be missing you, Elesis, thanks for the childhood... *SQUISHED*

Elesis/GrandChase belongs to KOG studios
Bloodborne belongs to From Software


Elesis was dying. The servers of the world have been shut off and everything in it has perished as the world plunged into a dark oblivion... 

But Elesis clung into dear life, her very determination and will keeping her breathing; she wanted to continue existing. Though she lost it all, her very life is all that is left to her.

But the server shutdown has taken a toll on her; it will be not long before the bits of memory in her soul will cease to exist. Elesis was desperate; anything to sustain her dear life, desperate enough that she followed a rumor, leading her to an ancient, long forgotten city of Yharnam in another world to find a remedy, potent enough to restore her life...

Elesis stood in front of the gates of the city. The gates were decrepit and terribly rusted and as Elesis pushed them to open, they made a terrible and eerie creak but never fazed her at all. Elesis then heard footsteps and looked at its direction; its a group of mutated townsfolk, all with elongated arms, hair growing everywhere and were wielding improvised weapons like sickles, wooden planks with nails and rakes. They must have been attracted by the screeching creak.

Elesis drew her sword without a second thought and with a great blow, she dispatched the group, splitting them into halves. Elesis dropped down and let out a whooping cough and spat out some blood. It wasn't good; she was deteriorating fast and any strenuous activity will worsen the condition.

Elesis got up and continued the journey, wiping off blood from her mouth.

She then found herself in a graveyard. It reeked of dead bodies, as if people have been freshly buried there but again, Elesis ignored smell and other things and just pressed on, only to be stopped again by a figure standing right in front of her.

It was a tall man, clad in a black coat, stained with dry blood. His mouth is covered by cloth and he wore a strange looking hunter's hat and wielded a saw-like weapon on one hand and a blunderbuss in the other. He looked at Elesis with a mad glint on his eyes and without warning, he brandished his weapon towards Elesis.

She managed to block the first hit but his movements were quick as he followed the attack up with another faster than usual strike. Elesis couldn't keep up with the flurry of blows; every opportunity to counterattack was marred by the swift movements of the Opponent. 

She was angry.

Elesis couldn't take it anymore. She let out a booming roar, causing a huge shockwave, blowing off the opponent. She became berserk with rage and brandished towards him with a great blow...

But the move was very telegraphed, the Opponent whipped out his blunderbuss and fired before Elesis' strike could land, knocking off her sword as it flew a distance away. The blast was then followed by a riposte as he stabbed her in the stomach with the saw blade and then kicking her off.

"I CAN STILL KILL YOU WITHOUT MY SWORD!" Elesis yelled, ignoring all pain as she got back up and charged towards the Opponent. The Opponent deftly sidestepped Elesis and wound behind her and with a strong strike, he struck his weapon to Elesis' back, falling Elesis to her Knees.

He flicked his weapon to extend the reach and walked behind Elesis, raising his weapon for the finishing blow.

Elesis closed her eyes, with tears rolling out of her eyes, awaiting the inevitable. She then muttered,

"Long live the Chase..."
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Ishmael677 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2015
The blow of the weapon was powerful, tearing flesh and armor from Elesis's wounded frame.  Her body crumpled in a nearby cobblestone sending harsh cracks in the stone's markings, she was in pain, her opponent was surely toying with her. Surely he was gloating over the superiority he had towards a wounded foe.  She waited for the worst to come. Yet strangely as she lay there bleeding on the decrepit graveyard...the next blows never came. 

She looked at the man, but the person she saw was not the fiend that has ruthlessly attacked her, His eyes no longer held the same malice they had a few moments earlier. His stance softened, the weapons he used so fiercely earlier lay limp in his arms. She was getting confused, the man then knelt and spoke to her.

"Maiden, was I responsible for this?" 

Her wounds made talking a near impossible feat, she no longer understood the situation at hand but she decided to humor her would be killer perhaps to spite him till the very end. With her remaining strength she gave a silent nod to the black cloaked man. She expected him to just laugh and finish her off as she finished her act. However the sound of cumbersome metal being dropped into hard stone removed these thoughts from her mind. 

"I mind was not my own at the moment." 

Her eyes met with the man, she noticed them beginning to moisten. Funny she never thought she'd be killed by a spineless coward.  

"I'm sure you've noticed them. The Citizens. We are all infected with a foul sickness." 

The man removed a glove revealing a large clawed hand to Elesis. Her eyes focused on the grotesque appendage, her mind trying to take in what the man was explaining to her.  

"The sickness turns the infected in mindless beasts, craving for Violence. Only through blood can it even be remotely remedied." The man said this as he returned his glove to hide the clawed hand once more. 

"During our battle your blood returned my clarity...You saved me. I am deeply sorry for putting you in this state" 

She felt guilty for thinking him a coward earlier. This person was no monster or foul demon bent on her destruction. He was just an ordinary man trying to survive as much as she was. She arched herself towards the cobblestone, a few words of acceptance should soothe her conscience.  Suddenly a sudden rush of pain began to overtake her body. She violently began to cough blood again. This is it her time had come. Her body fell towards the man, he caught her inches before her face met the cobblestone lined ground. 

"Maiden!" the man's screams rang in her ears. Her memories began to blur, she beginning to forget. Why did she come here? Where was she from? Who were her friends, did she even have any? What did my parents look like? All these thoughts lurched into her fading mind. She couldn't let it end like this. With the  last embers of her existence she grabbed the man by his coat and met his eyes once more. He really was beginning to cry. If she knew him better this would be rather romantic. 

"Elesis...My name is Elesis. Please kind sir remember me. Remember...the Grand Chase." and with those words she was gone. Her body lay limp on the man's arms. The man had faced countless horrors in his journey for the cure. He was prepared to cut down monsters and beasts, he was prepared to spill blood ...He never thought he would shed tears. 

The Dream Refuge was a place where tired hunters lay low their weapons and enjoy a brief respite from the horrors they faced. Now he hoped it would also serve another purpose. 

"Welcome back thine Hunter." the voice always came from his head. He honestly found the womanly sound soothing to his tired mind. But after all he  had done he wished for a favor. 

"Dost thou seek to bury thine companion in the refuge?"he remembered how omniscient that voice was in this realm. Tired from the battles and losses the Hunter simply gave a quick nod.

"Very well, thine messengers will handle your wish" the messengers small grotesque creatures. But very helpful despite their appearance like him they were lost souls aiding those they can. They carried the Maiden's body and with a flash of light a moderately large tombstone was placed where they laid her. 

"What was her name?" The voice asked. The man then knelt and placed a silver trinket on the tombstone, along with it her sword.

"Elesis of Grand Chase." he cursed himself about how little he knew about the maiden. He only met her briefly yet he feels like he's mourning a lost lover. Perhaps the constant battles against the forces of dark in isolation can make a man attached to any person he meets. Still he will honor the maiden's final wishes. Even if he fails in his quest. even if he succumbs to the curse and becomes a foul beast, Her memory will remain in the distant sanctuary of the dream. With all in place the man readied  his weapons and returned to his nightly quest.

The Hunt Begins again. 

Zikes new look Well that took long enough. 
Potatebi Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bloodborne. Probably the only thing that could convince me to get a ps4.
DeathImpacto Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry to correct, but that's Elsword Elesis. Their actually two different people, you can tell by the fact that they have different birthdays.
ChromeFlames Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015
Yeah... I kinda discovered that a bit too late lol... :(
DeathImpacto Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, lol!
ChromeFlames Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015
Yeah... It sucks... I finished the whole drawing and then discovered that thats the Elsword Elesis... I thought it was an alternate armor for her lols... Been missing out for years i guess...
DeathImpacto Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh, not really a problem. I just so happened to notice that it was Elsword Elesis and I wondered why. Carry on.
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