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Garchomp GijinKa by ChromeFlames Garchomp GijinKa by ChromeFlames
Heh... Here is my Garchomp I use for my Pokemon White 2 team. Since I love my team alot, I decided to draw them as Gijinkas lol. Garchomp's the first y'all. Anyways, I still need to practice with freaking colour pencils before getting to Digital.

Anyways, here is some of my team I yet to do
-Tyranitar M
-Hydreigon M
-Heatran M
-Excadrill F
-Gliscor M
-Darmanitan F
-Ninetales F
-Volcarona F
-Gengar F
-Scizor F
-Hippowdon F
-Magnezone M
-Samurott M
-Lucario M

Name: Riko Tsubame (RT for short)
Age: 21
Species: Garchomp
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Alert to sounds

EV's: Atk: 252 Spe: 252 Hp: 4
IV's: Hp:9 Atk:30 Def:5 SPa:15 SPd:30 Spe:31

Further Description:
Favourite food: Yache berries
Hobbies: Fighting, Playing pranks(especially internet trolling), engaging in high adrenaline activites, extreme sports
Likes: Video games (especially The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim), Alcohol, Parties
Dislikes: Cold weathers, Brycen
Additional info: Due to her past drug abuse, she's cranky and twitchy when placed in stressed conditions.
Hometown: Castelia City

Riko is a Jolly Garchomp with a ADHD disorder that makes her cranky and unable to sit down for long. Also, the slightest pin drop startles her which sends her looking around. Because of a ADHD, Riko likes sports and activities that involve high amounts of adrenaline, such as hardcore extreme sports like Parkour (after stealing Officer Jenny's hat), sky diving (Without a parachute) and her favorite, extreme motocross (with a blindfold). When she is sitting down for long hours, she's either doing thrilling stuff like trolling others on the internet or playing videogames.

She has a bone to pick with Ice type trainers due to her hatred to them as she falls sick easily to cold weathers, being ground and dragon type. She particularly hates Hachiko/Brycen because she was defeated by his ice types before, and suffered a week of fever because of that. She swears vengeance on him.

She was notorious in her past for using drugs that worsened her ADHD but after help from a Mysterious trainer, she was rehabilitated and joined his party, alongside with his Tyranitar.

In the battleground, she's notoriously known as "RT" or RAPE TIME, because of her notorious niche for crushing foes without mercy and ending the with no chance for the opponent and hence, rape time.
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March 16, 2013
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