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Ga'haan Warriors by ChromeFlames Ga'haan Warriors by ChromeFlames
The enemy faction against the Coalition soldiers, the Ga'haan. The design is inspired by Mongol warriors of Genghis Khan's time.


The Ga'haan fighters are an interesting bunch: From afar, they use seemingly archaic equipment like stripper clip loaded rifles, wood finished AK like guns and even ride on mounts, strange for any space age fighting forces of the 26th century. But upon closer inspection of the captured equipment, it reveals the scary truth: their equipment is far from archaic - but rather, much more sophisticated from our own designs in firearms

The chemical propellant in their cartridges are far more effective than ours, resulting in more accurate and deadlier projectiles with less of the chemical fouling up their guns. Their rifles, like ours are electronically discharged, albeit theirs utilizing a frequency emitter to detonate the propellant, unlike ours that use pure electrical appliance that fouls up in extreme conditions. Even their mounts are an example of their advanced technology - biologically engineered to inherit the great stamina of horses, the immense strength of ants and the loyalty of these two creature combined, makes an extremely effective means of low profile scouting.

It seems that these warriors conceal their strengths effectively, for any uninitiated civilization will dismiss these fighters as savages, only to regret their underestimation when their cities burn under the might of the Ga'haan hordes...

~ Tactical analyst Job Stiller
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March 25, 2017
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