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Execution by ChromeFlames Execution by ChromeFlames
Let the bad guys win from time to time eh?

Shitty story time:

Goshun and his band of Ga'haan soldiers waited in a crevasse. A faint tremor shook him from slumber and he immediately jolted into position, with his recoiless rifle mounted on his soldier. His sergeant, Ulan slapped Goshun on his helmet reprimanding him, "Take this fight seriously, young blood. You can sleep all you want when we wrest victory from these curs."

Goshun wanted to argue back, but knowing his place, he kept his mouth shut and focused on the horizon. The rumbling intensified; the Coalition tank must be nearby. The rumbling stopped, but a series of quakes followed suit, increasing in intensity as the rumbling of tank tracks continued.

An exchange of violent explosions ensured; the distinct piercing boom from the Xalmvar battle-walkers in tandem with the explosive roar of Coalition tanks.

"Now." The Ulan ordered to Goshun. Gritting his teeth in anticipation, he waited for the perfect shot... and fired at the walker's leg, toppling the metal beast. The tank, in panicked surprise, rotated its turret haphazardly trying to find the source of the attack. "Bingo" the sergeant commented as he fired his own rifle at the unarmored side of the turret, punching a hole into it. The tank was helpless now, and Goshun reloaded his gun, firing a killing blow on to the machine's engine, destroying it for good.

"Look at those insects, pouring out of their war machines." Ulan pointed at the soldiers from each side pulled out their wounded and dead out of their smouldering vehicles. Without warning, Goshun's team charged out from their ditch, confronting the enemy at gunpoint. Lacking the spirit to fight, the Ga'haan soldiers cuffed them easily and corralled them into a camp; 2 surviving Coalition soldiers and a lone Xalmvar warrior.

"You think we will tell you anything? Just kill us already!" the first soldier in green armour barked. Goshun watched his fellow warrior, Yargai approach the kneeing soldier with a magnum pistol. "Are you sure? Telling us information might be the only useful thing you ever done in your short life" he sneered from a high ground, placing the gun against his helmet. "Fuck you", the soldier coughed, and would spit at the executioner if he could muster the energy to turn around. "At least remove your helmet. Your death will be faster."

"Fuck you and your mother!" he barked his last words in defiance, as a bullet smashed into his helmet and into his brain...

The other soldier was quiet. Judging from the figure of the armour and the distinctive eye slit pattern of the mask, she was a woman. The Ga'haan executioner walked behind her, "So, they make delicate women like you fight. What an uncivilised culture." he taunted, but unlike her comrade, she remained silent. "Are you asleep? Even in the face of death?" Yargai spat, clinking his pistol against her helmet. "You must have children and a man waiting for you at home. You tell me what I want to know, and you will see them again."

Still, cold silence from her. "Shoot her." Ulan ordered, watching his man apathetically driving the soldier into the ground with a pull of his trigger.

The Xalmvar warrior quivered as Yargai paced towards him with his pistol corked and ready to fire. "Wait, wait! I will tell you everything!" he pleaded. Yargai holstered his pistol and glared at the begging warrior, waiting for him to speak. "Our troops are positioned at the cathedral wreckage and are expecting Coalition movement at the central plaza! Please! Spare me!"

"Young blood, what do you think of this worm?" Yargai asked the guarding Goshun from behind. "A filthy coward. He just killed his allies for his own sake. This waste doesn't deserve to be called a soldier. A bullet on his head is what it needs." Goshun answered, scowling at the Xalmvar. "I told you everything! Please, don't kill me!" he pleaded for mercy under the barrel of the pistol. "Stop." Ulan ordered. Puffing out his smoke and tossing the cigarette bud, he got up and questioned the warrior, "I recognise youth in your voice. Remove your helmet if you wish to live."

Uttering the release codes, the helmet came loose and Ulan removed it, revealing the smooth, unwrinkled blue cylindrical head of the young Xalmvar. Ulan stared down at his singular bulging eye. "How old are you?" asked Ulan. "12 years old." he replied and before the Sergeant could express his doubts, the warrior clarified, "My species mature faster, sir. But I am considered a young adult sir."

"Yes, you are still young." Ulan commented as he ordered Yargai to loosen the cuffs on his hands. With a strong kick, Yargai drove him away and delivered his parting shot to the fleeing warrior, "Remember, young fool, your life as a soldier ended today. Spend your plentiful years ahead in peace! If you come back on the battlefield, we will spare no thought into killing you!"

"Why though" Goshun asked his sergeant.

"Catch and release, young warrior; he'll come back with a greater challenge to us... Catch and release..."
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