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Dragon down by ChromeFlames Dragon down by ChromeFlames
Mercenary Daniel's journal:

16 may 2516, Planet Aves-7 beta

What a hell of a day... This should be my team's 24th dragon kill in our career... Hell, the whole thing's getting rather boring by now; them dragons are mighty predictable as hell, first they'll fly above you, thinking they have some aerial advantage. That's when Steinmann brings in the ATG missles, which promptly knocks any dragon off the sky. Once grounded, me and my trusty .52 anti material gauss rifle starts slugging the beast from afar whilst my gang closes in to pack more holes in it with heavy assault rifles.

Dragon still thought he had it in and started firin' its stinkin' fire breath, only to realize our suit's energy protection matrix absorbed most of the heat. That shield could block off an incomming frickin' high energy laser beam, what could a puny fire stream do? huh, stupid beast.

We managed to bring down the beast in less than an hour, and might I say, this job's getting easier and easier with each hunt we get, almost as if this whole thing is a goddamn routine.

For those who say them dragons are the most toughest and scariest shit around, bullshit man... bullfuckingshit. Those people have never faced a Arachnipede or a Kalambe tiger, hell, especially a the most toughest team my monster hunter crew has ever faced, a frickin' Makavaran Mastodon Titan; Hell, these things stand over 30 meters tall and and is clad with some frickin' harder-than-steel exoskeleton! What's worse, they shoot superheated plasma out of they're god damn fucking trunks! What the hell! It's a miracle we managed to take that fuckin' beast down... at the cost of Michael... hell, I don't want to remember... he was such a good boy...

At least the dragon jobs pay well...
User-of-Shadows571 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, well, you haven't had a job to get rid of a Demonoid Dragon yet. Those things heal from wounds in around 10 minutes, even if its heart is cut out and its body is scattered everywhere. There's no way to kill it, you just have to lock it away where no one will ever see it again. Oh and did I mention it's frikken huge?
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