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Because the reception it's receiving now is actually becoming really, really surprising and I'm so damn happy to see this. All of you guys are inspiring me and I thank you all for being fearless. Thank you all for being so freaking beautiful and honest and amazing in your own perfectly imperfect skin. This is why I called myself chromeantennae because I want to spread my message and I never expected anyone to listen, but now that people are-- it's so humbling. This is exactly what I want to do with my time here. I want to inspire creation and right now this is exactly what is happening and I couldn't be prouder.

With suggestion, I've added my own deviation so you all can see what prompted this to begin with:

And here all of the pieces (besides mine) that seemed to have stem from one another in some way and I will add more every time someone writes a poem or response on this topic that was directly inspired by this:

A-Lovely-Anxiety - 5'6' in heels:

Atomograd - eighty eighty eighty eighty, my ribs beg:

ExterminatorExploder - five foot six and wishing i were taller:

autisticat - summer the cruel maiden:

AyeAye12 - me, mirror, me, Between:

akrasiel - Body Sociopolitic:

LadyOfFrost - 170cm, 53kg:
scheherazades - clockwork skeletons:
hopeburnsblue - Brave Self-Portrait:
1bookfish - My Imperfect Body (Imperfect Beauty):
betwixtthepages - Mastering Me:
WishfulDandelion - (not) As Happy As My Smiley:
saltwaterlungs - self-portrait:

Amarantheans - My Own Imperfections:
MagicalJoey - 1,74m - 136kg:
xDesert-Rosex - Failed Genetics:
SleentheBeast - On a Midnight Stallion...:
BlueTippedDJ - Staring Back:
Diluculi - 1.81m, 80 kg clothed:
dreamcatcher5674 - 5'6 without heels:
toxic--sunrise - it'll probably be heartbreaking, for someone:
reflectionsinwater - deconstruction on principles:
hypnicjerks - nineteen, five five, one twenty:
Shoeborn - 5'4 and a half, 106 pounds, usually.:
SpiralingSpontaneity - if only i looked cool in black...:
vengefulamber - 5'10'' and 138:
crystallized-skies - Naked:
LadyBitterblue - here's to society:

© 2014 - 2021 chromeantennae
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This is really really great...I almost want to write one myself but I don't know. Might help me be more accepting of myself and those pesky "imperfections". Anyways, great collection! You've started something great my friend. 
chromeantennae's avatar
Thank you so much, Jade! :)
I hope you do write one! :heart:
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I need to have a proper read of all of this, but I'm behind!  None the less, it's a great feature, that serves to prove, whoever you are, we all struggle with issues.  Yet all of us can shine through in so many ways.  Unafraid, warts/boils and all. Still beautiful!
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I couldn't have said that better, myself. :love:
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Wow, high praise indeed! Thanks and good will <3
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Some awesome works here.
Makes me actually wanna try :eager: 
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I hope you do! I look forward to seeing what you write if you do! :squee:
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This is incredible. You really have been busy. :XD:

Really, though, this is amazing. I have to see if I can come up with something....
chromeantennae's avatar
It's astounding. :heart:

And oh wow, I'd love to see what you come up with, if you do. :love:
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Thanks for the recognition, Ricky. 
For everyone else, all of your poems are lovely and so are you, ok you are too Ricky :)
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:lmao: :heart:
It is my pleasure, Sophie. :love:
chromeantennae's avatar
You are gorgeous and I love you, Ashley. :heart:
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These are all so beautiful and open
and they're making me contemplate 
doing one of my own...
chromeantennae's avatar
I'd love it if you did. :love:
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Let me be the first to say I just don't get it.
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