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Hello everyone and happy April 1st! While people are talking about April Fools' Day and pranking their buddies, us of a more literary inclination are stoked for NaPoWriMo 2015! And for those of you who don't know, NaPoWriMo is all about writing poetry! 1 poem a day for the next 30 days! And here at BeautyInRawHumanity we thought with this great event beginning in April that this is the perfect time for another post to get some great literature going. For the next four weeks we're going to have 7(+2) prompts to cover the entirety of National Poetry Writing Month 2015! And with each journal after this concerning more prompts, we will also feature the best two pieces submitted to the group from the prior week and we'd love for all of our members to be invested in this project too so if you have any prompts as it relates to this group's movement for future NaPo prompt journals, please do share with us! And most importantly, let's start writing!

(Please note: You don't have to use our prompts to submit to our NaPoWriMo 2015 folder. As long as it relates to BeautyInRawHumanity's movement as a whole and is stated that it was written for the purpose of National Poetry Writing Month 2015, we still accept your submissions.)

Here's the BeautyInRawHumanity folder where you can submit your NaPoWriMo related lit: BIRH x NaPoWriMo 2015

And Here are our first seven prompts for the first week of NaPoWriMo 2015:
1. "I love..." (In relation to yourself, i.e. I love my eyes. I love the way my hair bounces in the wind, etc.)
2. Epiphany
3. Cornflower, Confidence, Cope
4. Treasured Possessions 
5. "Eyes are the windows to the soul."
6. "I am..." (You can be anything, anything at all.)
7. Pillowcase, Journey, Wake

And our very own introverted-ghost is also on board with deviantART's official NaPoWriMo page (NaPoWriMo) so please go check those guys out as well for more prompts too!

Here are a few of our friends' journals on National Poetry Writing Month '15:
NaPoWriMo 2015 anyone? Update!!:new: Update :new:
Due to the positive responses, napowrimo is a go! :la: I am in the process of sending notes to the people who have mentioned they were willing to admin. So if you did, be on the look out :) I'll be making a journal in a few days to get everyone all psyched and geared up! Can't wait guys!!!
If you haven't read this journal already, see below.
So. This is a thing. I totally forgot about this group,as there's no need for it UNTIL NOW :love: I know some of you inquired if this group would be up and running...especially considering April is coming VERY soon. Well, the owner of the group hasn't been active on dA for months (I miss her :( ) and the other co-founder has left dA altogether I believe. SO...I am the lone ranger in this situation. I have found out a few things though.
1. Thankfully, she gave me full rights as a co-founder so I can basically man the group on my own.
2. I can (I think) invite people to be a contributor.
3. I am totally willing to do another NaPoWr
NaPoWriMo Anyone?Hello everyone, my fellow Glory-Be's and you, :heart:
April is almost upon us, and that means for us writing-nuts, NaPoWriMo is 'round the corner :la:
For those of you that feel like taking on this challenge, I've assembled a few links to help you on the road.
Of course there's always the faithful band of the official NaPoWriMo group here on dA;
accepting 3 uploads a day during these thirty days. Just make sure you number them~
(The official NaPoWriMo site outside of deviantART can be found here at
the-haiku-club has also been calling participants, for their HaikuWriMo (of course),
accepting all your splendid, imaginative and brilliant haiku's, senryu's, and/or
Don't Panic!: National Poetry Writing Month:dontpanic: Don't Panic: NaPoWriMo!:dontpanic: 
    It's that time of the year again where all the poets crawl out of their caves and sharpen their pencils before getting themselves ready for that mysterious thing. All year you've been training for this: to race to the finish line and complete thirty poems in a single month. Can it be done? Can it possibly be done? Dear reader, I can tell you that it can. With a little elbow grease and a little bit of time everyday, you too can have thirty poems done, completed, and with your name stamped on them at the end of April. I can tell you from personal experience that it's not impossible. Here's a quick guide for your survival rate to be above at least 1%.
Steps For Success! :writer: 
Keep a notepad/notebook/phone
30 Days of Poetry: NaPoWriMo 2015NaPoWriMo is almost upon us! (That's National Poetry Writing Month, if you're unfamiliar with the term. It starts April 1st.)
Here's the run down of what NaPo is all about:
Write 30 poems in 30 days.
Yep, that's it. That's all you do, but it can be harder than it sounds if you're not used to writing that much!
What is it that we'll be doing at CRLiterature and theWrittenRevolution?
We'll come up with 10 Prompts every week to help give you some inspiration! Of course, you don't have to follow any of the prompts, but they will be there to help you. The prompt articles will also serve as a "check-in" of sorts so you can update us on how you are doing, if you're behind, or ahead, or whatever!
Advice from Vigilo

(Vigilo is a NaPoWriMo World Champion who has completed it a number of times.)
How to Prepare

Some people find it easier to get through the month if they have a running theme for all of their p
AprilWriMo Kickoff Event starting in half an hour!April is <Something or Other> Writing Month!
For a lot of people, April brings a challenge of writing every day for a month, whether that is 30 poems in 30 days or 30,000 words of prose. Some of us are revising that much work. But whatever the case, we're all going to be doing a lot of writing in April.
So I bring you, the AprilWriMo Kickoff Event!
Who: You, silly.
What: word wars and write-in
When: Wednesday, April 1st @ 3pm - 7PM EDT (What time is that for me?)
Where: :#crliterature:
Why: To kickoff a month of madness!
I hope you'll join me in :#CRLiterature: with some ideas, some caffeine, and whatever else it'll take to get you writing for this event!
See you then!
:new: Please go vote for
NaPoWriMo 2015:typerhappy: The annual April typerhappiness is right behind the corner! That's right — NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month! :eager:
There's a group, NaPoWriMo, hosting the event! If you don't know what NaPo is, their profile has lots of information on what it really is, and how to participate.
This year I'll be participating, as well as helping with administration things — mostly accepting submissions, but also coming up with prompts and challenges for the other participants. If YOU have any ideas for prompts etc., please let me (or someone else in the group) know. :rose:
Also if you can donate prizes — features, points, llamas, comments/critique — please contact the group. :rose:
NaPoWriMo Week One - PromptsAnd ... We're Off!
Welcome to the start of NaPoWriMo, the month long event where poets the world over put their pens to paper and fingers to the keyboard with the intent of producing 30 poems in 30 days!
To help with this endeavor, here are some prompts for any who wish to use them!
Feel free to use any, or all, you'd like and post your progress here!
:bulletblack: Find the list of your watchers. Choose a deviant's name from it. Write a poem based off that name (not the person, just the name).
:bulletblack: Write a poem devoted to your favorite beverage.
:bulletblack: Visit the Daily Deviations page ( Write a poem based off of one of the DDs' titles.
:bulletblack: Make a list of your favorite words. Write a poem using 90% of them.
:bulletblack: Grab the nearest book. Flip to page 29 and choose ten words that catch your eye.

(You can also find the official site for National Poetry Writing Month 2015 here: NaPoWriMo 2015)

But of course, we can't leave out another going-on in April and that's Camp NaNo! For the more prose-inclined, known that is also going on right now, so if you're participating in that, let us know in the comment section below! And if you see anyone else participating in Camp NaNo (or if you're brave and doing both NaPoWriMo 2015 AND Camp NaNo), chat 'em up!

(You can find the official site here: Camp NaNoWriMo)

We hope you have a blast with the NaPo x NaNo happenings around deviantART and we really hope to see you guys participate here at BeautyInRawHumanity!

In other news around deviantART, our good friend, Amarantheans has a cotest going on called: Awareness of the Arts: Visualize our DreamsIt has a ton of great prizes you can win, plus, of course, all of the great art that is bound to come with this great contest! Hou can find all the details on that contest here: 
Awareness of the Arts: Visualize our DreamsA Contest For All Of DA!!

Update: Contest extended till Sunday, May 31st!
What it is:
Take one Artist and one writer and have them compete together. The Artist draws, or photographs or manipulates their craft; The Writer, writes a poem or short story based off the artist work *please keep written works to 1000 words or less*. It works the other way too, you can create art from literature too! :la: 
Of course we have a theme Visualize our Dreams and your work needs to fit. We are a family here lets show the rest of the world what one form of social media can do. We can bring people from all walks of life with all talents together for one cause.
If you can find your own buddy awesome, if you need help finding a buddy we will pair up loners after asking two questions... Art or Writing? and What is your fav genre to work in? *just comment on this journal* If there are not enough in a particu

And finally, for those of you interested in this group but haven't been able to write anything here for more personal reasons, please do remember that we have our alt account BIRHindTheScenes that is completely anonymous and safe for those who'd like to write something more personal but not necessarily want the world to know. We believe in the importance of a first step and if there's anyone who'd like to write a personal piece with complete anonymity, this would be the place to go to. To submit something, simply send us what you would like to post or link us with the st.ash as well as a description (If you so choose) and we will post it for you completely anonymously. We've actually already had one submission a few months ago that you guys can read here:
<da:thumb id="514578564"/>

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Good luck, Ricky! I know you'll ace it!
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Thank you, lovely! :D I'm definitely on a roll as it currently stands! :la:
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Brilliant! I'll try to catch up soon! :happybounce:
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Good luck! They're flying at a high clip. xD
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Question: when a prompt has several words, do you have to use them all? I ask because I have no idea what to do with 'cornflower' XD
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:giggle: You're not even obligated to use the prompts per se, but if you like the other two words and wanna use those, go for it! :lol:

I actually used that prompt myself though and you can go take a look at how I personally used it to see if that strikes anything for you. :aww:
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I've never seen a cornflower in my life, so that can't inspire me XD however, confidence and coping, that's straight up my alley ;)
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It's a blue flower. :giggle:
And haha, I hope you're able to work with those then! :D
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Go go NaPoWriMo! :la:
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I read this off to the tune of Go Go Power Rangers. xD
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Thanks so much for mentioning my contest :love:
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No problem, wonderful! :heart:
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Thanks for the fave on my NaPoem, and mentioning my Journal here too. :love:
(I'm also working on novel, not for CampNaNo, but yeah, lots of writing, all the busy, all the reeeaaading. :heart: )
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It's my pleasure! :love: And it was a lovely journal, I just had to include it! :)
(And ooooooh, yay yay! :heart:)
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Hmm, a poem a day... I don't know if I can manage, but I feel like trying, since I'm already blogging every day XD could be good exercise.
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You can always give it a whirl! The most important thing isn't to necessarily focus on putting something out everyday, but at least trying to write consistently, y'know? :aww: We'd love to see you give it a go! :heart:
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I'll do my best to be consistent ^^
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