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"Beauty in raw humanity" is something I use a lot when referring to honesty and openness. Over my time here, I've always wanted to be open and honest, true to myself, and true to you guys because we all know there are too many instances where folks are less than honest. They lie about their names, appearance, personality, even their day-to-day lives. But lately, in the span of only two weeks, we have spawned a project about being completely honest with ourselves.

If only for a moment in that time, we are being true and honest about how we feel about our bodies, how we look, and how we feel about everything that makes us human. Whether it's affected by society, our own internal mechanisms, or all of the above; we have over 50 people at this point being completely honest and being completely human with themselves. And because of that, we have the opportunity to see all of these absolutely gorgeous people be unashamed about who they are and I must say, these are some of the most beautiful people that you can ever meet in this deviantART community.

So, with all of this being said, I present you guys with a name for this project as well: Beauty In Raw Humanity

I am currently working with a few other deviants to see what we could possibly do in the future with these responses and poems, but until then I wanted a more "professional" journal to showcase everyone's absolutely outstanding literature. Any suggestions and ideas to this would be greatly, greatly appreciated of course. Share your thoughts down below in the comments.

Also, thank you to all those who have contributed and please, please, please, spread the word on this project. I'd love to see more and be able to update this with even more writers and responses. I want to see more people say that this was therapeutic for them, that they feel better about themselves, and that we helped inspire creation.

And below are journals that people have made talking about and/or supporting the project, including my first journal with this feature:
This Deserves a Feature On Its OwnBecause the reception it's receiving now is actually becoming really, really surprising and I'm so damn happy to see this. All of you guys are inspiring me and I thank you all for being fearless. Thank you all for being so freaking beautiful and honest and amazing in your own perfectly imperfect skin. This is why I called myself chromeantennae because I want to spread my message and I never expected anyone to listen, but now that people are-- it's so humbling. This is exactly what I want to do with my time here. I want to inspire creation and right now this is exactly what is happening and I couldn't be prouder.
With suggestion, I've added my own deviation so you all can see what prompted this to begin with:

And here all of the pieces (besides mine) that seemed to have stem from one another in some way and I will add more every time someone writes a poem or response on this topic that was directly inspired by this:
Hella RadJust hella ;v;
Okay okay okay I know I'm posting a shiton of journals lately, and I'm terribly sorry for that, BUT, when I feel some positivity, I really like to share it with you guys, since I feel like I show so much negativity to you UvU
So first off, the biggest news, my latest deviation. If you haven't read it yet, I'll put the thumbnail below ^^
So basically, I noticed that chromeantennae posted a deviation where the main purpose was going over every part of the narrator's body and commenting on it. Basically, it was a body image piece. I found this really interesting, and considered writing something like it, but was hesitant. However, after seeing other people were doing it as well, I found that I just HAD to try... at least TRY. And so, today, I went on to writing it, and other than my piece The Reeve And His Tale, it took me the most time to write out of all my poems. It's certainly far from perfect, with little to no structure, but it's very personal.
The Brave and the BoldI dont often feature others work here but I came across a series of journals/poems this morning that I feel should be getting more attention.
Do yourself and favor and check these out. These poems will not only give you some wonderful insight to some of our fellow deviants, they will hopefully open your eyes to how fragile and strong we can be.
The journal can be found here:
Many thanks to chromeantennae who started it all, and these deviants who kept things rolling: A-Lovely-Anxiety, Atomograd, ExterminatorExploder, autisticat, AyeAye12, akrasiel, LadyOfFrost, scheherazades, hopeburnsblue, 1bookfish, betwixtthepages
Additional thanks to these wonderful writers who have filled the second round with amazingness:
WishfulDandelion, saltwaterlungs, Amarantheans, MagicalJoey, xDesert-Rosex, SleentheBeast, BlueTippedDJ, Diluculi, dreamcatcher5674, :devtoxi
Something Important
my brother started a revolution, you see.  a revolution about body image, and i want you all to go click the link above and check out his journal.  he has done something so amazing, and gotten others around dA, including myself, to do amazing things as well.  please check out what's been going on and give everyone there some love, they deserve it.  they are all incredibly brave.
i don't really know what else to write because i am so in awe of the pieces that have accumulated in my small absence, and i am incredibly proud of the way the community has come together and jumped on the bandwagon and such.
i love you all, and you are all beautiful.  don't forget that.
on another note, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!  i think i replied to everyone but if i haven't, i'm terribly sorry.  i was busy between family and friends that i just couldn't get away to really pay attention.  but thank you all, i had a wonde
Feature Time!Hello all :wave:
There are so many wonderful things going on on dA right now and I want to share it with you. Prepare for a long journal.
I. Poetic Penpals
LadyBitterblue foudend a group for all poetic penpals and those who wish to become one: :iconpoeticletters:
Here are some of the beautiful letter written by members of the group:
II. Beauty In Raw Humanity
The always wonderful chromeantennae has written 5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG)
which in return sparked a large wave of responses. Here are some examples of it:
The Mention Game (and more)I was tagged by :iconakrasiel:akrasiel to participate in :iconnathaira-from-hel:Plutara's The Mention Game. I usually ignore tags, but this one seems worthwhile. The idea is simply to name some deviants who deserve more attention (watchers, comments, faves etc.) and to write a little bit about why. I don't have a very long attention span, so I'm going to pick six people, although I know there are many more who deserve it.
I'll start with my top three favorite writers/poets. It's hard to pick just three, since there are so many great writers here, but these are the three whose work I try never to miss, whose words challenge me to ponder, to think differently, and to keep going when I doubt my own abilities, and whose keen insights and beautiful wordcraft sometimes overwhelm me, tearing into my heart and soul until I'm overwhelmed with raw emotion—awe, love, envy, an
Thank you!I just want to say a big thank you to EremitikchromeantennaeTwilightPoetess, and WishfulDandelion for any mentions that ‘five foot six and wishing i were taller’ got :heart:
Also thank you for any favorites, or any additions to collections.
To see the other absolutely stunning works, here is a plethora of journals:

I didn't realize how much love this little project would be getting, but it's gorgeous, to be honest. I've read a few of the works, and I have to say, it's so good to be spreading body confidence. It's such a problem that shouldn't even need to be assessed. 
But thank you, an
<da:thumb id="488362057"/><da:thumb id="488498225"/><da:thumb id="488641950"/><da:thumb id="488679135"/> About Beauty In Raw HumanityHey, everyone! Who ever might read this.
I hope a few people do, because I really need to talk about the awesomeness currently going on on our beautiful deviantART.
Did you already hear of "Beauty In Raw Humanity"? If yes, be sure to take part! If not, here's what you need to know:
Who started it?
The wonderful chromeantenae ! He is seriously one of the most amazing persons I could have ever hope to meet on this amazing website. [And I only got to know him a few days ago, sooo...]. At that point, a huge thank you for starting such an amazing project! Keep going, keep being yourself, 'cause YOU ROCK!
What's it all about?
Beautiy in Raw Humanity is about being totally honest about yourself, your appearance, about what you feel. Many wonderful writers already dealt with that in some of the most beautiful poems I've ever read. These awesome people are being honest about themselves, about what makes them special an about
Beauty In Raw Humanity - Das ProjektHallo Leute!
Extra für euch mal ein deutsches Journal (:
Ja, ich verschone euch heute mit meinem furchtbaren Englisch.
Aber ich habe auch ein Anliegen.
Habt ihr schon von Beauty In Raw Humanity - The Self Image Project gehört?
Nicht? Nun, dann werde ich euch jetzt mal erklären, was es mit dem Ganzen auf sich hat.
Wer hat mit dem ganzen angefangen?
Vater dieses wunderbaren Projekts ist chromeantennae, der dem einen oder anderen von euch eventuell schon einmal über den Weg gelaufen ist.
Ein unglaublich sympathischer Mensch.
Was ist "Beauty in Raw Humanity"?
Das Projekt beschäftigt sich mit uns.
Abseits von dem, wie wir zu sein haben, abseits von Idealen der Gesellschaft, von Mode, von Voraussetzungen unserer Zeit: Es geht darum, wer wir wirklich sind. Es geht darum, wie wir uns selbst sehen.
Aktuell wird von verschiedenen Deviants an
<da:thumb id="488968525"/> Feature CitySo, because of my hiatusy period, there's a bunch of features I owe people for winning contests and stuff. I also want to plug some of the things that're currently going on - two big projects about being real about ourselves and our lives.
Lissomer 's Micro Colour Contest
First Place: ilyilaice 
Honourable Mentions AyeAye12 , introverted-ghost & littleblueraccoon 

A Candle In The Dark Competition:

Valley Of Tears by BBstar7 Power Within by ForgottenSea
DLR Contest
 Perspectives - Black and White by MadHat11D6 Something Borrowed by SCFrankles
 5 Stages of Grief by Aerode Snapshots by saltwaterlungs
See you next time! :heart:
<da:thumb id="489637249"/> Project featuresHey guys
It's me.
And it's feature time.
I spent a lot of time on deviantArt ofor the last two weeks and I decided to do some features in the next few weeks. I will feature deviants, pieces of art and projects, of course.
For my first feature I picked some project I really like. I think this will not be the only project feature journal, but I will not feature more than three things in one journal.
At first I want to mention a project I've already featured, but it's still such an unique topic so I'll feature it one more time.
Of course, I am talking about "Beauty In Raw Humanity - The Self Image Project" one more time. A lovely project about being yourself, being honest to yourself and show the community how you are, who you are. The founder of this projekt is the awesome chromeantennae. It is possible to read all this wonderful poems 
Spotlight: Beauty In Raw Humanity ProjectToday, on my Wordpress Blog, I'm spotlighting a wonderful project that many of us here on dA know well: The Beauty In Raw Humanity Project by our own chromeantennae aka Ricky! To check out the interview please continue through to THIS LINK!
*Note: I was going to re-post the whole thing here like I did with some of my other posts, but had some issues just getting the post to cooperate for me over on Wordpress. I figured this was the easiest way to preserve my sanity and share with everyone!
It's a New Year! (13 days late)So it's mid January, I have a cold, and I'm feeling pathetic in so many ways.Sick 
But I don't want this to drag me down. I will fight through it!:punchshoryuken: 
To all the people who recently received llamas from me, that was just my way of saying thank you. Thank you for watching me, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for all you contribute to deviant art. You all inspire me. 
This new year, I'm trying to do better in a few things. I want to write more, of course, but not just more. I want to write better. So I'm going to try new styles and formats. I'm going to put my work to the test. And I want you guys to give me more critiques, if you are willing. I also want to do better at contributing to you all. So I'm gonna try to feature some works from time to time, as well as leave more comments for you guys. I also have a bunch of other new years resolutions (like running more and getting a

I will continue to update this journal as (hopefully) more responses (as well as support) come through the wire and I also have these deviations compacted into a favorites journal as well: Beauty In Raw Humanity

Finally, below, we have the most important part of all to this journal; every response and poem up-to-date that centers around this topic and theme:

chromeantennae - 5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG):

A-Lovely-Anxiety - 5'6' in heels:

Atomograd - eighty eighty eighty eighty, my ribs beg:
ExterminatorExploder - five foot six and wishing i were taller:
autisticat - summer the cruel maiden:
AyeAye12 - me, mirror, me, Between:

akrasiel - Body Sociopolitic:

LadyOfFrost - 170cm, 53kg:
scheherazades - clockwork skeletons:
hopeburnsblue - Brave Self-Portrait:
1bookfish - My Imperfect Body (Imperfect Beauty):
betwixtthepages - Mastering Me:
WishfulDandelion - (not) As Happy As My Smiley:
saltwaterlungs - self-portrait:

Amarantheans - My Own Imperfections:
MagicalJoey - 1,74m - 136kg:
xDesert-Rosex - Failed Genetics:
SleentheBeast - On a Midnight Stallion...:
BlueTippedDJ - Staring Back:
Diluculi - 1.81m, 80 kg clothed:
dreamcatcher5674 - 5'6 without heels:
toxic--sunrise - it'll probably be heartbreaking, for someone:
reflectionsinwater - deconstruction on principles:
hypnicjerks - nineteen, five five, one twenty:
Shoeborn - 5'4 and a half, 106 pounds, usually.:
SpiralingSpontaneity - if only i looked cool in black...:
vengefulamber - 5'10'' and 138:
crystallized-skies - Naked:
LadyBitterblue - here's to society:

I-slay - 5'8 or so I say.:

ALynnL - Simply Me:

Waffles-Of-Gondolyn - Untitled:

daddyspsycho - Clockwork:

LadyOfFrost - Scales:

OoJitkaoO - Epiphany:

luminescent0513 - Bronze Girl:

chromeantennae - Intro To Faith:

Diluculi - What I Believe:

akrasiel - Edges of Twilight:

LadyBitterblue - and here's to my friends:

Nocturnaliss - Consensus:

camelopardalisinblue - Petite (flat footed feet and chunky thighs):

SozoNoTeki-N - why i can walk in heels (the perks of being 5'0):

DynamiteHearts - lighting things on fire won't make them beautiful:

RhiannonWithAnR - Simply Human:

autisticat - seasonal:

32bees - 5'4, 156:

peaseblossoms - on wind-tossed hair and crimson cheeks:

XxFlameFrost101xX - (Dis)connected:

notCindyChen - (not) white and pretty:

stepinsidemymindMN - Me:

Nullibicity - sometimes, I'm a fire:

akrasiel - Atlas Loved

creativelycliche - metalanguage: (self-modified):

terribly-forgotten - rainbows dont exist in the real world:

lady-of-the-quill - A body, an image:

lady-of-the-quill - Portrait sketch with words:

Jade-Pandora - A Corner of Sky:

StarlightComet - aphoristic:

Crystal-Magic13: - Hopeful Self Portrait:

SleentheBeast - Beautiful:

lunar-glow: Her Silhouette:

ElectricWeasle - Not Flawless:

Rose-Em - Je suis un objet? Pardon.:

AvisWing - portraiture:

careyanne75 - Face behind the smile:

Kate-ColourTheory - Me, Times Seven:

Tales-of-Tao - blame game:

Kate-ColourTheory - Oh, It's Me Again!:

AnotherNamelessOne - 162 cm and a Half of it Hair:

ScarletNalick - 20, 4'11, 80 lbs:

terribly-forgotten - eighty three pounds:

Undomiel321 - What you really want to know-:

EmmaEatsRainbows - Myself and Mirrors:

Finally, you are all so beautiful, amazing, and incredible. Yes, every single one of you. Things like this embody that to perfection.
© 2014 - 2021 chromeantennae
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I'm making it my goal to write something about this. I'll most likely make it in the format of a story but reveal the truth in the very end. I'll be sure to keep you posted. :-)
chromeantennae's avatar
Oh yay, I'm so looking forward to that! :la:
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I've been trying to be honest with myself for a long time, and it just sort of happened after a rough last few months.
I always thought I was a strong person, but it turns out that it took me accepting the softer parts of myself to really feel strong.
Who knew? cx

Anyways, I love this project, and I made a little thing for it. Keep up the good work~!
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I'm so, so glad to hear that you wonderful person, you. :love:

Thank you so much, dear. :heart:
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Thank you Ricky! I support this project 100%!
S7alker117's avatar
*slow clap*

Impressive project. This had me from tears to laughter, from soft smiling, to sobbing understanding. Amazing! Simply amazing.
chromeantennae's avatar
Gah, thank you so, so much. :heart:
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what you've started here is amazing, Ricky. :) Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it 
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Wow...bro...have you thought about moving this beast to its own twitter page?
chromeantennae's avatar
Once school settles down, which it will very soon, I planned on discussing with a few folks turning this into a group. :nod:
SleentheBeast's avatar
Your gonna have to give up sleeping Rick... lol. Your already one the busiest devs on DA ... not to mention life.
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I just discovered this by accident. I really want to do it. However, it frightens me a bit to be so honest about how I view myself.
chromeantennae's avatar
If you do this, I'd be so pleased but I understand how it can be challenging for quite a lot of people. Take your time, dear, and I'll support you either way. :love:
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Thanks again for bringing so much attention to all of this awesomeness!
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