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iconography of absolution
with no repent or repeal,
re-peel your serpent skin
with mass appeal
and cinnamon spice
roof space, roofie place
in the roof of your

sp(l)it the piquancy of your
blitzing missile
emotions projectile,
and plaster it over your 
cheekbones like fresco.

your soul
is a jackson pollock
and the art
is the quill
of a stillborn 
cold war--
blood clot's mother.

cold sore,
you've been doing this too much
and you're not a model,
not a one-hundred cara(t)
or even a loose hair
on the curtain
of a givenchy sneer.


insert poignancy
into the blinking lights
of your cognitive functions
and awe-struck
lightning rod,
it's hard to stand up
when she
stares you down.


you guys don't understand how fucking excited i was to post this shit. this is one of the dopest things i've ever written in my own head and if nO oNe understands it that's okay and i'll explain it if i gotta, just know i'm super-duper proud of this right earr

this is also for TEAM GLITCH and our little thing we have going along with NaPoWriMo
we've dubbed it nanogliimo:
and i think we're still workin' out the kinks of the themes for our thing and idk but idc because i want people to read this:
*activates the squad: scheherazadesAyeAye12, gliitchlordghostinafog*

EDIT: the nanogliimo theme for day two is given to us by scheherazades and that is "yearning" 

day two products from the homies:
AyePoWriMo, b)beyond the marble wall
the black eggs consume
snake among other things.
the sand is glass-green.
the city is ocean-orange.
the forest is beetroot-blue.
nothing is order.
all things follow a step
and under this willow king
we'll eat raspberry marsh
if we must. irregular
pantheon rises from
pedestals. my hand, reach
ing ~ings with no name,
softly, nowi hear the rain pooling in my collarbones
i hear you pooling in my collarbones
a cipher
i let the forest in my throat meet the air
like it was always yearning to
like i was always yearning to
these branches reach through
my cavernous mouth
and the stars that have always yearned
to be inside my body
are inside my body now
now i can leave my body as i have always yearned
and become a tree
in someone else's throat
become a voice that sounds like
someone else reading my poems
the way i always yearned to
i can become rain
pooling in the craters of the moon
  |00010| ex heightunsundered and swallowed up,
lost to the rhythm of drunk hollow tongues
sauntered up to barometers
all my honor
spent on rudder's coy rattle;
bright darling, you're majority
and i am
but prattle.

© 2015 - 2020 chromeantennae
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nosedivve Writer
I don't entirely understand it (feel free to explain if you want) but I really love it. The imagery is fantastic as well.
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
In its simplest, most broken down form, this is an attribution to narcissism and the disliking yet strong desire to come off in the same light; beautiful, confident, etc.

The first two stanzas represent the ugliness
The third is the person's internalized "truth"
The final stanza is the externalized perception of truth

Hopefully that makes more sense. :aww:
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shep4lifeHobbyist Writer
your soul 
is a jackson pollock

I loved this
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
I'm so glad to hear that, Jamey, thank you <3
shep4life's avatar
shep4lifeHobbyist Writer
You got it bud
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chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
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gliitchlordHobbyist Writer
rather intricate, this
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
that's what the crosshair was markin' on
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ParalyticProcessHobbyist Writer
Everything about this is fucking awesome.
That last stanza is to die for.
Amazing work.
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
I love it when people like something so much they use expletives. :lmao: It just adds that extra oomph. :giggle: So thank you so fucking much. :love:
I'm so, so glad you enjoyed this piece. :)
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This is amazing!
Love the imagery!
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
Thank you so very much! :D
oviedomedina's avatar
No problem!
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
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scheherazadesHobbyist Writer
this has got a hell of a rhythm aside from the general rad. i adore
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
c: c:
i adore youuuuu
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good sir i'll have you know that i have a monopoly on experimental stuff :0

But woo, this is very nice, haha. Perhaps the most stream-y piece you've done yet, I'd say.
chromeantennae's avatar
chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer
psh, a monopoly? sounds like a challenge to me P:

And it is very stream-y, but I was pleased I could pull it into cohesion in less than 10 minutes total. C:

i've been writing like mad, y'all don't understand
also whatever theme this goes under
tell me so i've have some type o' uniformity =P
AyeAye12's avatar
Oh, really now? 

LESS THAN 10 MINUTES?! Okay, with that in context that's incredibly impressive :XD:

I think the theme for today was "yearning"?
Which I kinda tried to do in my piece, haha.
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chromeantennaeHobbyist Writer

:XD: YES I WROTE THIS IN LIKE 9 MINUTES, it's basically poetry freestyling =P

and haha, got cha'. i'll add that in the description then. c:
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