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Taking the best of both my previous birthday submissions, the sunset theme of Planetary Paradise and the realistic Vue influence of Forever and a Cay this here is yet another July 14th submission to commemorate my third birthday on DA, and my 20th in total. Of course, it's another tropical scenery with some cosmic elements visible in the sky...the place I'd love to be :relaxed:

The idea on this one was a little forced, I didn't come up with it as quickly as all the others and so I spent nearly a week making draft scenes in Vue until I got something that was far from my intention, but worked out better anyway, and so, I just continued working nearly a week on that.
The final 3D scene was rendered at 5400x2298 and took nearly 30 hours to do so, and two thirds of that time was on the water alone ( Vue slows a lot on water ) And the planets were postworked in, along with some minor improvements the the 3D aspects of the art...May not be my best, but special to me :love:
Made mostly in Vue 6 and some Photoshop.

Oh, and it's also for :icon3d-asuarus:'s competition too...Which I later won :winner:
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Lovely! This shows why you won the competition!
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I remember first seeing this at 2010 and was just so captivated by how dreamlike the landscape is. Perfectly honest, one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite tropic artwork of all time!
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I can barely even remember anything I did in 2010. But I'm glad this was able to leave such a lasting impression so long ago :handshake:
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You create fantastic new worlds. I like it. :)
MashedPaDaders's avatar
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.
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Nategold0410's avatar
Wish I was there too, especially in these times of seemingly endless trouble and tribulation.
Chromattix's avatar
I suppose trouble and tribulation have always been around, it's just festering a little more than usual at the moment :paranoid:
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Sometimes I wish the world was kinda like this.. but is just a dream.
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Beautiful alien landscape.
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One of your better entries..really nice work!
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An interesting planetary system here; nice work! :D
ScarliteMagician's avatar
These are really stunning, just the sort of thing I was looking for for my room ^.^
Leopold002's avatar
A lovely world to visit. The views are beyond belief!
Chromattix's avatar
They sure are :D Thanks for commenting :)
MagneticRebellion1's avatar
What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Chromattix's avatar
You can e-mail me at:

Though I will say in advance I rarely let people use my work for free ;)
MagneticRebellion1's avatar
Hey, I sent you an email :)
MagneticRebellion1's avatar
Hey, i love your artwork. I would love to use one for my music project background. You can check out the music at

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