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March 9, 2009
I have never received 5 suggestions for 1 wallpaper in just about 5 minutes, and surely it is worth suggesting.Where subscriber's money goes by *priteeboy is an absolutely stunning wallpaper!! How I wish we could all live in that beautiful island and enjoy the rest of our lives. Even if we can't, lets have this as our wallpaper and dream!
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Suggested by Araken-Starway
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Where subscriber's money goes



If your'e gonna save it, then fave it! ;)

With my own Subscription ending hours after submitting this, I thought why not poke fun at the matter and create an original dA-lover wallpaper for the occasion :devart: Perhaps I might buy a sub again when I actually have money to blow, but I stand proud on the fact that I kept myself subscribed for almost 2 years on contest winnings alone and never had to spend a cent :winner:

Funny though, when actually browsing categories, there was a "Customisation > Wallpaper > deviantART" that I wanted to submit this into, yet that wasn't available when submitting, so how did that other one I saw get in there? :confused: so I chose 3D art instead, which it mostly is, though there was Photoshop work, it is mainly based off a Vue scene I made, cleverly shaping the terrain for the island as the dA logo, as well as using it to distribute the greenery in the right areas. The water was a rather uniform blue in the original render so I had to spice it up in PS too to give that "coral atoll" look.

Ahh yes, deviantART - the place to be

Edit: OMG! :iconneowolf06: bought me a new subscription! go give some love to this generous and talented deviant too plz! my way of repaying him :handshake:
Edit2: wow, I have never gotten over 3000 faves in 24 hours before, thanks a lot guys :D
Edit3: neither have I gotten a DD in less than 24 hours of posting something. Thanks for the flattering support! :love:

Artwork made and copyrighted by me, the "dA" logo trademark of deviantART. Please only use as personal wallpaper ONLY and do not re-upload my art edited or not anywhere (Screenshots are OK provided you link to me in credits)
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I like the spelling of "Customisations" much better than the one with "z" in it.