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Watching the suns go down



This is that "something much more interesting" thing I said I was going to make based on what I learned from =nukeation's Vue video tutorial - the raw results of which can be seen in my Procedural Vue terrain deviation.

Been wanting to illustrate a binary sunset scene for a long time. For the un-educated - a Binary system is where there's two stars or "suns" in the center of a solar system instead of one :sun: :sun: these "double stars" are surprisingly more common than single stars like our own Sun. Often both stars will be a similar size and colour/temperature, but to make this more interesting, we see a larger but cooler/dimmer red star accompanied by a brighter, hotter white one...The collective heat from two suns would probably make this planet very hot! But listening to science alone can really limit one's creativity - so I still included a civilisation, water and some really odd-looking foreign plants too for art's sake :alien:

Well as stated already, this started out as a rather basic Vue scene. I saved time by recycling the same terrain for the landscape that I made after watching the tutorial - I also was able to use some sci-fi building models I made last year too. All this put under a a different lighting/atmosphere setting provided a very different base for me to matte-paint over (this is one of the few deviations I have that I think could be passed off as being a matte-painting ;))

Artwork is made and copyrighted by me and therfore should not appear on any other site or gallery without permission from me
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Interesting! I can imagine that in binary sun solar systems the habitable planets may be way far out compared to Earth in the Solar system