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Vue it - Approaching Pandora

By Chromattix
My first Avatar-inspired deviation! :la: yeah, only took like - a year and a half, but the timing seemed right and hopefully this turned out to be what is arguably one the the coolest pieces inspired by that movie anyone will ever see :bow:

:bulletred: Scroll down to zoom in
:bulletyellow: Scroll up to zoom out.
:bulletgreen: Or use Shift or Control keys to do either.
:bulletblue: Click and drag to look around.

I could have gone for a ground view showing one of the many epic landscapes. But that can always be done later. I don't see much of the space scene seen very early on in the film, so that combined with the fact I promised many people my next 360 "Vue It" work was going to be a space one just meant it was the right theme to choose. It was at least lighter in polygon count than my first two that were very "tree-heavy" bumping their polygon counts into the several millions which resulted in countless crashes. Still had a fair amount with this but comparatively not as bad so bouts of swearing while making this was minimal ;)

As for technical aspects, this was testing a version of Vue that can't actually render planets to its limits, that along with clever use of postwork allowed me to simulate a pretty authentic looking world below the viewer anyway. Rendering would have taken eons for me and so I got help, so I'll jump to credits for help before continuing:
:la: SOULSSHINE Did the rendering after I made the scene, took WAY too long on my comp.
:la: Smattila exported it into this Flash format after I had completed all the artwork.
Anyway, this required constant hopping between Vue 7 and Photoshop as some areas needed to be painted on and then brought back into the 3D world again to be rendered with the right amount of distortion and then composed in Photoshop again etc. I won't ramble on, Ill just say it was as hard to do as it looks, so just enjoy it! :lol:

:bulletpurple: Others in the "Vue It" series:
Vue it - Pine Shrine
Vue it - Christmas Village
Vue It - Holiday House
Vue It - Haunted Harvest

All artwork and animations in my gallery are my copyrighted property and are not to be used without my permission, this includes any screenshots of parts of the scene.
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boyvivu's avatar
Look as real. I like it 
DrowElfMorwen's avatar
WOW... just WOW... this is insanely AWESOME! I regret not seeing this sooner. What a great piece of art. So you actually built the ISV Venture Star? *o* And Polyphemus is GORGEOUS!!! Just WOW!
Chromattix's avatar
That Venture Star was probably half the work that this took me :faint: I kept the model even though I was certain I wasn't going to use it again anytime soon. Too much work went into it :phew:
DrowElfMorwen's avatar
I'm gonna email you again :D
SitiSchu's avatar
This is like.....frkn awesome ^^ I want to be able to do that too ^^
Chromattix's avatar
I'm sure you can with Terragen as well as Vue or most other 3D apps. Though You'd need the (fairly cheap) Pano2VR to be able to export the whole-rendered-scene image into this kind of format :nod:
SitiSchu's avatar
Thanks ! Ill give it a try :)
TheWhiteGuardianArt's avatar
...Oh my god...

thepsychosisknights's avatar
out of all the ones you have done this is my favorite.
Chromattix's avatar
Thanks! That's good to hear since I think the others ultimately ended up being more popular (not everybody liked Avatar I guess)
thepsychosisknights's avatar
i've always been a fan of your work. are you employed? if not i'd like hire you on a halfway decent salary with some bonuses if i like it. which i will like it i always do.
Chromattix's avatar
Sorta of, I have a day job I have to attend to 5 days a week, plus ongoing commissioned work with someone else. It depend son what kind of work 9and pay) you're offering as to whether or not it gets priority over these other things :)
thepsychosisknights's avatar
well has you may have realized i am writing my last book of my infinaticom series book seven: lickson fall, but have no talent to visually see my characters, but thats not why i asked for your help. there are places in my book that also need illustrating like: casino gamblix, the rebuke prison and the like and was wondering if you could help me... hows 20$ per finished enviroment plus a bonus of 10$ if i'm impressed. sound good? 
Chromattix's avatar
Hmm, sorry, but $20 is how much I'd charge per hour if I don't want the project to cost more than I make. An average artwork for me rarely takes less than 10 hours to do. 20 bucks just ain't gonna cut it ;)
Chromattix's avatar
That's better, but if the scene is very complex (lots of buildings, people, etc) it may still not be enough.

One dollar doesn't buy you nearly as much in Australia as it does in the US. I live in one of the most expensive places in the entire world, hence why I can't afford to go as low with my prices as many other artists from other countries can. If an $80 artwork takes me more than just a day to do, I'd still be losing money as that doesn't even cover my daily living expenses :(
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shau266's avatar
Whoa! This is just amazing, nice work!
TerranTechnocrat's avatar
Holy [Cuss Word], this is breathtaking!
Chromattix's avatar
It's the internet, you can swear if you want to. I won't tell :paranoid: Glad you like it :D
TerranTechnocrat's avatar
SURE, but someone else might...

:D (Big Grin)
Wooow this is absolutely outstanding! There's so much to look at and it's so vibrant and full of detail too. I don't think I have ever been stuck so much looking at a single piece of artwork, I think I've spent an entire hour getting lost in it, and that must be nothing next to the amount of time you've spent working on it. Your work deserves all the praise it gets :)
Chromattix's avatar
It's good to hear something I did can hold someone for that long. You might like some of the others in this series too but I'll admit this one is one of my personal favourites (probably because of how hard it was to try and pull that nearest planet off successfully :phew:)
Arkwolf's avatar
That is amazingly awesome, nice job
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