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Trick or Tree

"An Urban legend states, that if you shudder for no reason at all, then someone has just walked over the spot where you'll eventually be buried"...Pretty creepy huh?

Anyway, This is my submission for the =TreesClub Halloween contest where you had to produce a Halloween-themed deviation that involved the tree being the main focus. Nearly all the entries were photography so I though and hope this would stand out from the crowd, and the idea expressed is pretty self explanatory.

To be Honest, Halloween isn’t a big deal in Australia, last year our house got no trick-or-treaters, and the year before that, only 2. Even I wasn’t allowed to do it as a kid unless my mother came with me and my younger brother, even then, we’d only visit half a neighbourhood…at 5pm which is still daylight at this time of the year ( Southern hemisphere means Halloween is in Spring ) So having little Halloween experience means I never cared enough about it to make one for last year, and if it weren’t for this contest, I may not have done this either but it sparked this image in my head which I just HAD to do…Yeah, it may not look scary like a Macabre and Horror deviation should, but when am I going to get to use this category for my gallery. Hope you enjoy it mwah ha ha ha ha ( walks off into creepy mist to work on the next deviation )

WooHoo!...This is my first deviation to earn more than 100 faves in its first 24 hours...ThankYou all so much !

WooHoo again, This came first place in the clubs first contest !

To avoid something really scary, I bid you do not rip my art. It'll save us all a lot of time and its just wrong
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Magnificent. Not much more I can say! :)
I really like this. Would you be able to help me draw a book cover for my e-book? I wanted something similar to this but, the branches would be snakes instead.
Chromattix's avatar
Glad you like my work. I'm having a hard time finding any room for more commissioned pieces at the moment though :work:
carmenquinones's avatar
I love this piece.
joshuatree1967's avatar
A Halloween Spectacular piece of art.
bhudicae's avatar
I think it looks great!! I hope you win
annnnnd.....I just noticed the date...make that, I hope you WON! lol
Chromattix's avatar
I think I came second place... if I even remember that is :slow:
inkdoodler's avatar
It's simple, but it calls to me somehow.
DecemberSapphire9's avatar
Ooooo....Halloweeny. I really like the harvest moon! 
evillramen's avatar
this is so damn amasing!
Skull-Of-Death's avatar
:skull:now this is just frighteningly awesome, even death would be pleased with this:skull:

also about that second sentence, I hear you buddy, I am the only one in my family who believes in Halloween, the only thing I do on Halloween which is barely even close to it is sitting in my room with my skull ornaments while its dark, watching the full moon rise and seeing the mist of Death on the horizon(I call it as I see it...)

Just to simplify it, I don't get much out of Halloween either.
Chromattix's avatar
Halloween is almost non-existent here :XD: Every year it tries to get going, the stores sell Halloween decorations and everything (often right next to Christmas decorations, because nothing says "scary" like a smiling plastic snowman :rofl:) but it always fails. Guess it's really more of an American thing ^^;

Glad you liked this though :)
Aquilla-Whingate's avatar
Amazing imagery, I am actually more curious in how you made this look so real besides practice, but those are technicalities. I like this what to me is like a base for the Halloween Tree concept art, (look up the Ray Bradbury story by that name, or animated movie whichever). It is still a compelling image, and the fact it has got you so many views, faves, watches, first place, and fame, all great for you well done art. :) :thumbsup: :+fav:
Chromattix's avatar
I suppose some parts look sorta realistic. Though these days I could do it much better. But I still like this one, much more than many of the other works I did from that time :) Glad you liked it too :D
Aquilla-Whingate's avatar
 Even all these years later this image was made, still relevant to the season. An still looks by the Halloween Tree,  only thing missing would be the ornaments and by ornaments I mean pumpkin head which represent the souls of those passed on. An quite welcome
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Best tree ever!!!! By the way, that legend. I hope its true, because I hope it happens to me some day!
Chromattix's avatar
Oh yeah, with this being such an old submission I forgot all about that thing I mentioned. Now I'll be reminded of it again next time it happens :O
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Wonderful Halloween-y piece here, priteeboy! =D The job you did on the moon is absolutely stellar - it seriously looks like you painstakingly re-created a photograph!
Chromattix's avatar
Yeah I remember quite a lot of time went into moon. Still not as much as that damn tree though :crazy:
Chk this link too for some jawdrapping imagery . The tricks are hidden..find it out at[link]
butterflowerfly's avatar
Creapy but beautiful work!
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