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Thunder factory



Still havn't given up on these floating landscapes and have a few ideas left for future ones too. But something tells me I have already crossed the halfway point, since even I don't want to be doing them forever, otherwise the concept will become stale and repetitive =p

So! Since I knew this one would have been an otherwise "boring" theme (nothing fun about grey skies and rainy days) I had to compensate for it's lack of vivid colours like in the others by (hopefully- giving it a much better sense of depth inside the storm clouds, along with a cool sci-fi city theme responsible for making lightning :evillaugh: and trying a more conventional way of digital painting that just makes more sense. If anything, it will help add to my matte-painting practice even though almost no Photo's were used, the island was originally 3D but the raw render was very quick and shitty as I knew it was just going to be a base for a digital painting anyway. So I think what may have been the dullest floating island of the lot now has the most powerful conceptand impression (or at least I hope ;p)

Each island has at least something flying around it, I figured helicopters were the best choice for the "action" kind of feel 8-) Oh, and I have also depicted every type of weather imaginable in my past works at leats once before...but surprisingly, this is the first deviation I've made were it's actually raining :raincloud:

Oh, and credits for the helicopter-stocks go to Image* everything else was drawn or shot by myself.

EDIT: - took some critiques and rotated the island to give an unstable turbulence to the scene (was perfectly straight before) Also added that dowards misty effect to add more "volume" to the rain and frame it off a bit!

Others in the set of floating islands so far...

Tropical island = Hang gardens
Morning village = High rise
City at night = Night flight
Snowy ski-lifts = Ski skies
Haunted house = Crypto night

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. The contents of my gallery are not to be modified or reproduced without direct permission from me
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wow this is so dynamic! I love it so much!