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The wishing tree

By Chromattix
Something for everyone, and Myself in the spirit of My first Christmas on DeviantArt. And what represents this time of the year than the classic Christmas tree.
I was going to make the lights all white for a more formal look but decided that colourful lights look more cheerful and theres bound to be a colour that everybody likes shining between pale fronds of magic. I was even considering making it into a Christmas card even if I have to wait 'till next time.
Drawn in Photoshop alone with a mouse ;p

Merry Christmas to all !

Wow, it got a Daily deviation, thankyou very much, you can see my first DD here [link]

All artwork in my gallery remains my copyrighted property and is not to be used or distributed by anyone
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PaMonk's avatar
This is So Very beautiful.:D
Chromattix's avatar
Glad you like it :)
PaMonk's avatar
ChimeraArtz's avatar
Wow! I had no idea you did other art besides space art. You are extremely talented!!
Chromattix's avatar
I sure do, always have =p
Misharoom's avatar
I's so colourful and shiny O:
It's beautiful (:
VasiDragos's avatar
Can I put my wish here? Absolutely amazing!
Chromattix's avatar
There seems to be plenty of room. Go for it =p
PixXyAngel's avatar
used without permission I presume?
Chromattix's avatar
Thanks for the notice :nod:
Can I please use this picture for a layout design?
Chromattix's avatar
Sorry, don't like my work being used for that stuff :p
PixXyAngel's avatar
She already did use it and has not removed it after reading that you dont allow it. That's quite rude in my opinion.

Okay well thanks anyway.
Can I please use this christmas tree for a layout design?
kbmnj38's avatar
please send pricing info
Chromattix's avatar
For what? buying prints? buying the rights to use the artwork? etc :O_o:
viv-bewise's avatar
Featured here! Merry Christmas~ [link] :D
Chromattix's avatar
viv-bewise's avatar
:la: You're welcome! (OMG Santala is so cute.)
jvel4073's avatar
This is so Beautiful! :star:
GenesisX87's avatar
This is absolutely adorable~ I'm kind of reminded of those icicle lights for some reason.
At this rate 80% of your gallery is going to be in my favorites. D= Haha. I love it~
Chromattix's avatar
I like those types of lights. Wish my family bought e'm for our house :shakefist:

Fave away, it only does good for both of us after all :D
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