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July 20, 2012
Summer Paradise by `priteeboy
Featured by Cymae
Suggested by slimmmeiske2
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Summer Paradise

Looks like something sweet, or fruity :lick: Either way I wanted this to to be one inviting sunset scene and I quite loved the colour combination for this year's one. This is the seventh annual artwork I've made of this kind, all part of my yearly birthday submissions and I managed to still be on time again. Talk about punctuality (or not having a life :paranoid:) It was hard to think of a title, so I took one from a song I currently like which fits the mood perfectly 8-)

Created with Vue and Photoshop as I often do. I originally had a very purple colour scheme in mind for this with only trace amounts of blue and pink involved. It looked pretty cool but then after some radical changes and experimentation with the colours I ended up with this which was very different yet more fitting to the bright, warm sunset mood I wanted. I also wanted somewhat a minimalistic approach which I tend to prefer for island type scenery relax:

Past versions are listed oldest to newest here:

2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011

All artwork remains my copyrighted material. Do not use, modify, sell or re-upload my art without permission
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Hey!Great work! Would you allow us to take this pic as the cover artwork for our new album? Best regards from germany.

Chromattix's avatar

Hi! This depends, I might be able to sell the usage for this artwork. But I value it too much to give it out for free ;)

stellartcorsica's avatar
Just amazing !! An explosive palette of colours, that wraps this atmosphere with warm vibes !!
Chromattix's avatar

Thanks. I saw a piece of yours just now that had a similar colour scheme - it immediately caught my eye :)

stellartcorsica's avatar
Yes :) and you had commented on my portrait in 2019 I was very honoured ^^ I love mixing cold and hot colours.
VitaliaDi's avatar
Woah epic colors and composition wow this is stunning and magical
stellartcorsica's avatar
omg the colours !! You are amazing !!
aye I got a question for the creator
Hi is it a possibility I can use one of your photos for a mixtape cover? We love your work and we respect your skills your the best honestly!
Chromattix's avatar
I suppose it depends on the nature of the cover, is it going to be sold, printed etc :?
Waltaar's avatar
Oh I love the colors! For me there is a sense of still movement and unavoidable change here.
Chromattix's avatar
Interesting way of putting it :) Thanks for commenting and faving.
Waltaar's avatar
Yea no problem. This is so serene and tranquil but I feel that any second now it will turn into Valerian and the city of a thousand planets action drama. Good work indeed.
MurtazaRizvi86's avatar
love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. 
sadboy's avatar
Amazing image, I like the colours and the sun in the water looks really great. Makes me want to dive in and have a swim :P
Chromattix's avatar
Thanks. I'd agree I'd love to take a swim there :)
Theasauruss's avatar
Would you mind if I use this as part of a book cover on Wattpad? I'll credit you of course. :) It's really amazing by the way!
Chromattix's avatar
I might need to know what Wattpad is first, but to avoid getting your hopes up I rarely lend out my work for free depending on the intended use.
Theasauruss's avatar
Ahhh, sure. Wattpad is basically like DeviantArt, but with books. It's okay if you'd rather me not use it, I completely understand why you say that. Thanks anyway. :)
FCLittle's avatar
Wow, this one just insists that you look at it! the composition, the texture of the water and the vibrant colors, especially where the orange and blue of the sky compliment one another.....
Chromattix's avatar
Glad you liked it. I've always loved these colours together myself :)
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