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Spiral Road

Well I'm almost a week late but here is what was supposed to be my new-year's space art, which I've done every year since I joined and I'll be damned if I let a minor delay break the chain :shakefist:

Didn't really have an idea this time around. But I figured I don't have any decent looking ones with a galaxy as the primary subject, having tried them on past pieces before but aborted them since I just wasn't getting results I was happy with. But I think I'm ready now and am quite proud of this one, even if just from a technical point of view :) Almost all digital painting this time. Some minor 3D/Fractal use that helped out a lot too.

Do not redistribute, edit or sell my artwork without my own permission
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Wonderful work! 
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STUNNING! I need this as a poster, hehe
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Wow, beautiful picture! Nice job!
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Simply Amazing.  Thank you for sharing.
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This is just stunning. Truly stunning, my friend!
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Careful now, Dialga might hear you :shh:
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I like this one.
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Woah, sweetness! I love space art! La la la la 
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I'm speechless I love it so beautiful 
beautiful is not enough what is better than beautiful I can't say keep it up
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Glad you liked it :)
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Ahh, the Red Road. I love it.
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As always, a magnificent piece making us of humanity really wonder how significant our existence is to begin with.
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Yeah, our whole world wouldn't even make one pixel of this view :begone:
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so many details! :o  well done!
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Your drill pierces the heavens!!
Hi Great Inspired One
I love this picture and was wanting to see if you could add a white cross coming out of the red into the earth, and then add a scripture on the bottom white. I need very high resolution as I would want to purchase the work, and upload it to an oversized canvas site. What would be the cost and lead time, if you can do this? I can send the scripture.
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