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Shoot for the Stars



And so a new journey begins as this here serves as a terminal for the crossing over of one year for another ( also makes a good wallpaper too ) and I actually stayed up to make sure I pressed "submit" as soon as the clock rolled over to 2008 lol ( Australian time dont forget )

As for the artwork itself, well even though it was more time-consuming than most, I really havn't got a deep concept for this one. Just a good o'l sci-fi / terraspace scene. It could be considered to be the successor to Lightyear which has a similar theme, and made to celebrate the same event. For its time, that one was way above my usual standards, and I like to think the same about this one too. I was forced to do better in hope that it could gain admission to ~TerraSpace's new pack...the first that is open to anyone who feels they have a chance of making it in. Wish me luck, and Happy new year to everybody !

The rights to this artwork has already been purchased. The customer allowed me to keep it in my gallery purely for display purposes. I'm afraid this one isn't for sale. Please do not use my images without permission
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that alien civilization looks so uniform and beautiful... I wonder what they're like