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While still waiting for the flash file I went to get help with for my recently submitted Across The Universe calendar, I decided to use the free time I had to illustrate an idea I had in mind for a few years now. Just waiting for a "well, don't know what else to draw" moment like now. Trying to bring something a little new to the space and science fiction scene, I went for two gas giant planets either stuck in the most well balanced orbital dance ever, or more likely, moments away from collision. Something you just don't see in the genre. Not sure if this is what the event looks like, but it would be a pretty cool sight to see, and a terrifying one to be caught up in!

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Please do more like this please it is freaking awesome!
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This is absurd, the most impressive space art I've ever seen (and I have hundreds and hundreds of space art images in my favorites, if that gives you any context)
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Glad you think so. It's hard to come up with something new but somehow I (and many other artists on here) still do so from time to time :)
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Absolutely erect
OH F***... IS... HOW!!!Oops! I think I've fainted. Oh Noes! Disbelief :o (Eek) OMG Shocked  IT'S SO REALISTIC, SO PERFECT, I NEED MORE!!!!:happybounce:ClapLa la la laNuuOMG! I can't contain my excitement!omfgWorship :eager: by darkmoon3636 
keep up the good work Winner 
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Probably gives birth to a cool red dwarf.
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Holy...F * C K .

can  I use this as wallpaper?
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Yeah stuff like that's OK.
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Talk about destruction!!
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I really like the detail of a moon being threshed apart by the tidal forces of the two planets. Great work.
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This one is just breathtaking -- so much attention to detail!  Do you happen to have a tutorial on how you do the swirly swirly/crinkly cloud details in the upper left?  I've used the liquify dialog in GIMP, but am just not able to get the same sorts of results, after hours of trying.
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I still use the liquify tool as a basis, so that's not entirely a bad decision. But there's usually multiple instances of me liquifying the same area and fading out one attempt so it mixes with another. Plus some good, old-fashioned digital painting over the top of it all. No filter is a substitute for that ;)
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Well, your results speak for themselves.  I'll try layering and fading with the liquify tool and just see what happens (but if you ever post a tut with photos, I bet a lot of people would be grateful!)

I am really inspired by your gas textures and the rest of your gallery, so thank you for sharing your work here!
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love this one, wicked
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would be amazing in VR...ever considered working in a game engine like unreal?
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I've never thought about it. It seems that getting any serious work in things game-related is just too unreliable and hard to obtain.
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well i'm oushing into the Unreal engine. It and several other AAA engines are free. You only pay a royalty if you publish the game and make a certain amount of money. The basics are fairly simple, drag and drop alot. Of course if youre making a full game it gets complicated w/ the physics and all. But for me I want to use it to replace Vue, so build some areas, terrains and foliage, arch and props etc. with the added bonus that ypou can make it where people can walk thru it. Willlet ya know how it goes.
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Great work on the streaming gas from one planet to the next. Faved!
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super work, it#s very fine picture and draw:) (Smile)
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