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I've always wanted to try one of these "Draw this again" things for ages but kept putting it off. But this contest gave me some real incentive to make one and the only hard part about it was choosing which old piece had the most potential for a cool remake.

There were heaps I could have re-made, I would have liked trying one of my earlier character-drawing attempts since those were just...awful :no: But I decided one of my old landscape pieces would be more appropriate (and fun to remake) Wish me luck! :)

Old Version: [link]
New Version: [link]
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Just amazing. Though the reflections on the old one was already outstanding ^^
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Thanks :) It was a lot harder to do back then :XD:
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This is beautiful. And wonderful work of art.
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I looked at this drawing and had an "Oh My Goshness" moment, since I'm writing a story about a frozen earth and I thought, "So this is what it might look like."
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Glad it could inspire you a little more :D
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FANTASTIC rework, man! I'm glad you decided to do this, the new one is gorgeous!
I, myself, never feel up to reworking some of my old works; maybe you have just inspired me :)
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I suppose the longer the gap between the original and the remake - the bigger the improvement will be ;) But don't put it off forever :ohnoes:
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Wow, it's like one is the cartoon adaption of a photograph :P
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Lol, I guess so =p
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From comic book to compelling sci-fi-scape, I can almost feel the cold coming off the monitor :3
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Pretty much that :XD:
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I don't... ah... what's changed? ;)

But seriously, this is an amazing comparison, both as a demonstration of your growing skills, and the ever-increasing power of 3D software.
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I totally agree. Not only have I grown as an artist - but so has the software. Back when I made the original it would have been very difficult to make this version without top of the line software only available to movie and game studio's at the time :omg:
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It's really wonderful how my cell phone has more processing power, RAM, and storage space than all of NASA when we sent men to the moon. :D I love how quickly computers are advancing... right up until they take over the world. But until then, I'm really enjoying all the amazing art! :)
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... and I just realized the original image is CG, not 3D... your painting skills are impressive! :D
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This wasn't painted, isn't it?
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Partially, but most of it was modelled in Vue.
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One word : AWESOME!!!!!!
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Wow, love the drastic change in details, especially in the ice. That's incredible!
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