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Planetary Paradise

I wanted to submit something that represents Me on My 18th Birthday and I worked countless hours making it ready for it's submission with excellent timing.
This widescreen wallpaper displays the sort of things I like to draw all blended together in a harmonious unit. The bright colours, the planets and stars, unusual clouds and landforms and of course, Palm trees which are a common sight in My gallery.

Oh... and I forgot to mention that this is My first B'day on Deviantart. And unless I lose access to the internet, I'm going to be here for a long time.
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I am a tropical place lover, I could be happy here--yeah I could use a partner--but this would be home. I just hope there are places like this and I hope somewhere something or someone can enjoy the beauty of it.
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I don't need a lot of company to be happy, in fact other people get on my nerves easily. But still, I couldn't even live here if it meant spending my life alone. A partner would be necessary to stop me from slowly going insane and drawing a face on an inanimate object and talking to it like a friend :psychotic:
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Know how it goes, I, too, would love a partner but it seems like we are planets as well and distance and time separate us and there is no quick way to get from one to the other. I don't need a crowd but instead, one who will be there for me and by me and with me all the way through the times. You know, sometimes that inanimate object can be a real friend--it will never treat you badly and its always there.
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Ooh, this is a birthday present for yourself? Awesome!
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beautiful and cool
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Really? That's nice! :aww:
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WOW!! I really like the sunset and it's color! :omg: Nice job! :iconthumbsupplz:
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Thanks, I remember changing the colours around for a while on this =p
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You have some of the most epic scenery works I've ever seen. Mixing space and nature is just wow. I love both those subjects and you render them so well. <3
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Well space in itself is nature - it's not created by man after all ;) people forget since we don't see it everyday with eveyrthing being as distant as it is :( That's why I enjoy combining both of what nature lets us see and what we can only see with telescopes into one "everything is visible" image :D
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That's true. Either way it's still very beautiful :3
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Then - tomorrow was another day
The morning found us miles away
With still a million things to say.
And now, when twilight dims the skies above
Recalling thrills of our love
There's one thing I'm certain of...
Return, I will, to old Brazil.

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Nice poem, quite fitting to this actually =p oh, and thankyou for faving too :)
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Sadly not mine - I wouldn't want to be sued by Ary Barroso.

And you're welcome :D.
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oh this is beautiful! :clap:
amazing work!
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Wow, this is amazing. I love how you color everything, the colors blend wonderfully. Keep it up! (:
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ARGH spsahdgakfdbsa;lgnkadfrhmndglm,bn!
all your drawings are soooooo pro it's not funny! they're really beautiful!!!!!
The stars look so pretty...I love stars, they're really nice when your way out in the country and there's no light for miles, thats when they're the best!
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