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Pandoran Forest

A combination of a warm, humid climate, a dense atmosphere, yet lower gravity than that on Earth means the plant life of Pandora are free to grow without nearly as much of the physical limitations that cap their growth size and speed as much as what happens to the plants on earth, growing under relatively harsher conditions and higher gravity by comparison. The result are phenomenal sized trees growing in seemingly endless forests and regular forest floor plants still taller than the average human. While most foliage is the tried and true green like it is here at home, some of the more unusual plant strains take on a blueish colour - which is rarely encountered on any vegetation on Earth, these are also the ones most likely to bioluminesce (glow) through semi-transparent leaves and stems at night time, possibly to attract pollinators during the frequent bouts of darkness that occur on Pandora, rendering traditional flowers not quite the useful bug-magnets they have proven themselves to be on the relatively brighter earth where their colours are more easily appreciated. Of course, this glow could just as likeley to be a way to ward off hungry herbivores from eating them. Large trees and plants lack this ability and tend to take on more earth-like colours and forms.

This was actually, originally created quite a few years ago, shortly after my other work of the same theme (only with more focus on the plant varieties as they appear at night). But while sorting through some files on a slow day I thought I'd go ahead and upload this one too, while not as "fantastical" as the night version, I think it does have a better sense of realism and depth to it than the other one did :) It was made using Vue and Photoshop. Some stock photo's were used for some plants, along with some of my own. The giant tree roots were created using custom Vue vegetation of which I simply just turned upside down in the scene file to the branches became the roots :idea:

Artwork made any copyrighted by me. Please do not use, modify or sell my work without my permission Pandora landscape concepts originally inspired by Avatar. Some plant formations resemble those seen in the film but were not taken directly from it.
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Hello, can I please use this as part of a design for a Facebook cover photo for a friend's birthday? I will upload to Deviant Art and credit you when completed :)
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Very beautiful! 
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A wonderful image.  It is just so beautiful.  Thank you.
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Glad you liked it :handshake:
Are you available for hire? Need some custom environments for a project.
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Possibly. Depends on how time consuming the projects are going to be and what it promises to pay. I only get a few hours a week I can dedicate to artmaking.
Understand, we are in the initial stages of creating the presentation for a huge musical VAR project to get the funding. If you could give us permission to use some of your current pieces on our website that is being created, and for promotional purposes, this could give us more time for you to create the original environmental pieces we will later need for the actual live show we are working on that you will be paid accordingly. Are you familiar with digital mapping, and can your art pieces be used for this type of projections? What is the best number and time to call you to discuss in detail?
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Hmm, well I don't allow usage of my work for free. I'm not familiar with digital mapping either :hmm:
What do you charge for usage of your artwork? We are looking for someone to create the environments for a scifi story. We are gathering an international team and would love to have you be a part, as we love your style of artwork. Please let us know if you would be interested, and if so the best way to contact you to discuss in detail. 
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cool , could be a forest card in magic the gathering =)
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Magic The Gathering has bought a few of my artworks before actually :D
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beauuu-tiful! :love: - how did i miss this one? i'm watching.. :?
the mix of 3D & 2D work is excellent! this little jewel is perfect, the lighting, every single leaf is just a dream :). i :heart: the realism of the whole flora, with the added alien species which fit flawlessly with the rest. kudos!
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It might have come before you started watching ;) Glad you appreciate it. Discovering an already existing piece can be just as good as seeing a new one :nod:
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wao...What a texturing..Amazing
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You've done such a fantastic job combining Vue (and its tricks!) with stock... I can't even tell. It's amazing!! :love:
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Stocks were used on some of the foreground plants, some of which I just took myself one day. Vue can do plants well but not so well that I can't still pick them out from real ones in other people's work ;p
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Great work! Big like!
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Vue, Cinema 4D and Photoshop for most of my landscape works :)
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Amazing picture, very well done...;) (Wink) 
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