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Life on other planets

A typical day over a typical scene on some distant life-supporting planet. the location and name of which is entirely up to the viewer's imagination :aww: A myriad of unusual plants growing along this temperate open forest in a valley, accompanied by the passing of two airborne aliens is more than enough evidence of a well-developed and complex ecosystem that easily measures up to that of Earth's. But certain factors of this world are different to ours, first made noticeable from the different coloured sky being a sign of different atmospheric gases and lighting conditions and the size of the planet itself compared to earth is unknown since it's hard to tell from ground level. However these different conditions have led to different flora that tells a different story of evolution :alientwo:

Anyway, I've been wanting to get some alien plant concepts out for a long time, but kept putting it off due to contest entries and such, so I took an opportunity to mash them both together for ~Sangiev's contest series, the first of which allows the artist to draw whatever they want, so like many - I knew that I do best drawing what I love - nature and space, so fusing the two together resulted in an otherworldly garden, the plants of which I wish I could grow for real :XD:

I chose this theme since science fiction themed art is pretty popular, but almost all of it is of grand futuristic cities or epic battle between space cruisers flying past fictional worlds. But one thing many neglect are the native species to those planets, the rural areas far from any great city that are still dominated by nature, or perhaps like here - there IS no intelligent life there... yet :alien:

I made good use of all three of my main programs here, Some smaller plants and the basic shapes of the flying...whatever they are's, were modelled in Cinema 4D. Many of the larger plants and trees are made from using Vue's plant editor to make my own species. But rather than composing the entire scene in Vue, I made different parts separately according to distance so I could move around pre-rendered mountains with ease in Photoshop. Once happy with the overall composition, I did a bit of painting over it to make it appear a bit less harsh and "rendered" and...well, here it is :deviation:

All artwork in my gallery is made and copyrighted by me. Please do not use my work, edited or not in any way or site!
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Words fail to describe the sheer beauty and magnificence of this scene.

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I’m improving my work on building alien planets where life (especially from Earth) can survive. It’s putting my knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics to the test. But it’ll be more than worth it.

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I know a little bit of biology and physics - chemistry is my major cop-out though :doh:
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Good to know. Want to help?

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I guess... maybe :shifty:
great work : make me thing of EDEN in Star Trek. good job - best regards
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Wow! This looks really cool!
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Reminds me of Darwin IV. Well done!
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I think someone said that before, but I can't remember what it is ^^;
This is great. Again you have spent so much efforts on the vegetation. The scene really looks convincing and naturalistic. The two "geese" also do fine in the overall composition. 

Great work! :)
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Haha those are some ugly-looking geese :giggle:
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“Ugly” is okay; but what bothers me is the wings:
  1. They seem too small for flight,
    unless the atmosphere is a lot denser than ours!
  2. They seem too stiff:   :?   you can’t lift by just flapping a board up and down.
Anyway, your mastery of Vue and integration of tools is enviable!   :)
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Such a beautiful garden!
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Will we ever see one? Obvious with exception of the Earth there aren't places here in our own system, could I be wrong? What really lays under those clouds of the Gas/Ice giants? perhaps something that defies our conventional wisdom, are we so sure of ourselves on our assumptions? Look at the diversity right here on this planet--Whales, trees, insects--how could They all live on the same world? Does Nature really have limits, are we that chauvinistic that ours is the only way? Some things may ring true in all instances but are we the ones to define them? We are here on this earth, only the Moon has known our footsteps and she isn't giving up all her secrets easily. I believe there is more, more than we ever could imagined.
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Well the thought of life in Gas giants has always interested me. One scene in my upcoming calender features floating jellyfish-like creatures in the atmosphere of one, but even those would still fall into what we typically consider life - an actual, physical being made of cells that must consume some sort of energy to keep going :nod: This scene here though is definitely not a gas giant though and was made to represent conditions much more like our own :)
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If you can ever get a hold of it, Arthur C. Clarkes Book "2010". It is an extended version of the 2001 Saga. He describes life IN Jupiter, it is worth a read. The book-softcover- is probably 20+ years now. A Used Book store would be your best bet.
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Asdfghldificjdjs!!! *squee*... Sry I am a little obsessed with other planet-y stuff :la:
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Awesome plants very nice!!!
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is very beautiful!!
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This looks very convincing and plausible!
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I wanted this one to seem plausible. An attempt to create a rather common temperate meadow or forest edge on this world :)
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