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May 21, 2010
Legendary Ladder by `priteeboy
He is one of the most unique artists here on deviantART. Nevertheless, I wasn't sure about featuring this deviation. `priteeboy did a lot for the space and sci fi community. Many people get their inspiration out of his attempts of creating new worlds and never before seen scenes. He is generous with comments and feedback.

As he hasn't received a DD on a sci-fi piece so far, I just had to feature this eventually.
Featured by TobiasRoetsch
Suggested by hoevelkamp
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Legendary Ladder



The Legendary Ladder is a renowned structure built by a race of aliens to take advantage of their close proximity to a neighbouring and tidally-locked fertile moon. The Legendary Ladder serves as a colossal elevator between both worlds complete with a stop-off station at the near-halfway point where the gravity of both worlds is in tie with each other. It is used for both practical and leisure purposes and is the central hub of huge cities at both ends :alien:

My sole entry to TheLuminarium's 10th online exhibit and the last "themed" one to my knowledge, given the theme Legendary. As most think of the past when they think of Legends, I deliberately went the other way and thought towards the future.
Creating buildings and spaceships often feels like such a chore to me, regardless of whether I do them in 2D or 3D (much of it was 3D though) I have no idea how other space artists handle them so well ;p so this is a little unusual for me. Was hard trying to get a good composition and angle too, even now - I had to "fake" the perspective to an almost fisheye-like view to be able to get the whole structure in view to appreciate its length, which almost disappears into a hairline on the other end :sherlock:

Made using Cinema 4D, Vue 7 and Photoshop, oh, I'm aware the copyright says it was made a few months earlier than the submission date...that's because it was and I had to hold it for a while.

Edit: Wooo! the first time one of my sci-fi themed deviations gets a DD, it is after all one of my favourite things to do! :icontarddanceplz: Thanks a lot to *hoevelkamp and ^taenaron, both quality sci-fi/space artists in themselves :handshake:

Artwork is my copyrighted creative property and is not to be used for any manner by anyone without my consent
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That is incredibly beautiful and cool! It would be something to see that here connecting the earth and the moon.