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Inflatable landscape

Imagine a surreal world where everything is like rubber, where you could run full speed into a "tree" only to have it bend on impact and throw you back only to land on a soft-padded ground :boogie: Sounds like the fantasy of a 5-year old, but who can't say they'll enjoy it? :D

I originally made this scene several months ago, but it became a rare case where I didn't bother to render it and upload here, and it probably would have stayed on my PC gathering dust if the ~3dartistclub didn't hold a contest themed "colourful"...just a small contest, but the perfect excuse for me to post this anyway :D

This may be the weirdest Vue scene you'll ever see, I deliberately threw realism out the door and wanted to create something unusual and "fun"...though modelling some of those elaborate intertwining structures in the back was a bit of a pain at the time, but playing with various blobby shapes that made and imported to Vue and giving them brightly coloured materials was fun, you can vaguely see a "landscape" like picture here, and since I was reminded of balloons, well that's the origin of the title :airborne:
The only postwork was turning the sky green near the top (was plain orange before) everything else is pure 3D :nod:

P.S - it makes a cool wallpaper, but I'm afraid this is the biggest size I'm willing to make public, enjoy anyway :)

Edit: Changed the planets from "realistic" ones to swirly bouncy ball-like ones, I think they're more appropriate ;)

Copryrighted artwork, my images are not to be used, modified or not on other websites and media without my permission
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they are like biological rubber balloons with these weird shapes all over the landscape, i can imagine it being a artificial planet made by a fun-loving alien race.
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Those aliens sure know how to have fun then :lol: Maybe they made it for the kids so there's no way they'd hurt themselves. Talk about coddling them :rofl:
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Love the bulbosity of the plants...can imagine them swaying in the breeze!

If a tree got uprooted, would it float away?
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Hmm, depends on what it's filled with. According to the classic TV trope which explains the common rule of All balloons have helium - then regardless of what's in them, they'll float anyway :XD:
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Better not be holding onto the tree when you cut it 'down' then. :-)
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reminds me of something Dr. Seuss would make.

this is awesome though
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He always created some of the coolest-looking landscapes :D
Looks like a scene from a video game.
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Probably one of those cool, unique looking games though rather than a realistic one :XD:
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Can I use this as my wallpaper? :3
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Wallpaper use is OK :)
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Ooh, shiny!
This almost reminds me of something from one of my favorite books from when I was little!
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Sounds like the kind of book I would have loved too if it had stuff like this in it :dummy:
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Nova's Ark, I believe it was called.
It was for really little kids, though...
But this kinda reminds me of something from that.
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what program did you ues
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I used Cinema 4D to make all the "blobs" and I brought them into Vue (another 3d program) where I could create those cool shiny textures for them and be able to replicate them quickly for the background (it has a feature that lets you scatter your 3D objects all over any given surface quickly, so I could fill that distant blob-forest rather quickly :phew:)
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Awesome! If you don't mind I'd like to use it as my desktop wallpaper one of these days!
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I don't mind people using my art as personal wallpapers, so long a sit isn't uploaded to other sites etc ;)

Thanks for faving too :)
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OH MY GOODNESS I was trying to clear my thousands of deviations and found this!! :giggle: Forgive me, O master, for my ultra late comment ^^;
(of course, I always make the effort to comment on this pretty boy's works like he does to mine xD)

OH MY GOODNESS (again) I wanna pluck those thingies off the comp screen and squeeze them!! haha... they really look like the sort of rubber/plastic figurines in designer toy shops that attracts idiots like me who just love weird things xD :love:
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Lol, I don't think the deviations in my messages ever exceeded 400 - and that was after being away for 2 weeks, even then I only commented the better ones or from ones from artists that tend to appreciate comments more to save time :work:

You and me both are attracted to cheap plastic merchandise :XD: - luckily there's no such stores where I live so my money remains un-wasted :lol:
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Aww so I'm one of those "artists that tend to appreciate comments more to save time" haha :D Actually true, I put more effort into commenting on an artist's work when I know that person will appreciate it ^^

aaaaack.. haha, I waste too much money! *eats grass* Nah actually I don't spend on toys lol. Everything I get always has a purpose! They...have a meaning in life! hahaha
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BALLOON WORLD!! I FOUND YOU!!! this is really cool. what was your inspiration??
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