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July 3, 2007
Take one look at High rise by ~priteeboy and you will never forget it and wish you could be at such a lovely place forever ! Full view and enjoy !
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Suggested by gucken
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High rise

This is actually the second version of "Hang gardens" which was submitted ages ago. However I decided to change the features of the island itself to keep it interesting. And I will continue to alter it in future versions as well ( but I wont wait such a long gap between them again ) However I will carefully choose an appropriate landscape to suit the weather and time of day which will vary in the next ones. Here I was going for a sunrise theme so to make sure that it wasn’t mistaken for a sunset ( the two can look familiar ) I put in traditional hot air balloons often seen at early dawn as well as the cool blue shadows of a passed night which will be warmed up by the rising sun.

Wow ! a DD ! I never saw that coming... ThankYou very much ^gucken and `nighty !...and to all those that commented and faved this piece...Your contribution has helped me break the 1000 fav mark !. I'm glad You love it that much.

And check out the other versions.
Tropical paradise Hang gardens
Night sky city Night flight
Frosty peaks: Ski skies
Haunted house: Crypto night
Stormy city: Thunder factory

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. DONT RIP this peice. I too often my art over the web!
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62nh's avatar
I love it, especially the clouds~
Chromattix's avatar
Yeah they are probably my favourite part too :)
TheInvertedTower's avatar
Are you familiar with Cave Story?
Cave Story WITH LYRICS ~ by brentalfloss
Chromattix's avatar
I've heard of it...and that's about as far a sit goes with me :XD:
Misharoom's avatar
The sun is really bright considering it's not a real sun... I actually squint my eyes when looking at it like it is a real sun XD
Chromattix's avatar
Yes I really was above my usual standard for the time when detailing this one, including the sun. All the follow-up ones didn't quite seem to have the same influence of people. This is probably one of my proudest submissions from my early years :deviation:
Misharoom's avatar
Well, I can see all the effort put into it. You should be proud of it ^^
beachelf's avatar
:icondennisflipplz: Awesomely Awesome! :icondennisflipplz:
Janed-Rain's avatar
I haven't seen something this beautiful in a long time. So wonderful!
Chromattix's avatar
Janed-Rain's avatar
You're welcome!
Fantasma-X's avatar
This is probably my favorite of your flying islands, but they are all very good. I really like the balloons and the sunrise in this one! :)
Chromattix's avatar
Thanks! This one probably remains the best of the bunch. I stopped making these when I realized the others probably won't be as good as this one without needing to copy similar elements from it ^^;
Fantasma-X's avatar
Yeah. It seems like it would be hard to make a bunch of floating islands, yet make them all different and unique at the same time :P
blueRever1e's avatar
Sunset or sunrise? Either way it's beautiful and I love how it lights up the pic
Chromattix's avatar
Sunrise, hence the title ;)
Mystick10's avatar
The drawing... so... beautiful...
Rageraccoon's avatar
Epic! No other words needed
elielikeanaeel's avatar
so freakinggg beautiful!
Freilina's avatar
You are a master, I am delighted with your work, really looking forward to interactive landscapes, I really like them, showed them to my friends, they were surprised
Chromattix's avatar
Thankyou for the compliment :bow: I have a few interactive landscapes already but indeed none are like this one yet (I probably won't be able to until I find a good way of doing clouds in 3D without waiting weeks for them to render :crazy:) Glad your friend also enjoyed them :)
Freilina's avatar
I added you as a friend. I will be glad to see your new work. I like that you're using a lot of color in the drawings, so they are very bright.
SilverTidalWave's avatar
Wow...this is beautiful! You're so talented!
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