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Gas Giant resource pack

Gas Giants are exceptionally large planets composed almost entirely of gas and liquid as opposed to the hard-surfaced terrestrial planets. They are recognizable by their distinctive banded pattern of horizontal stripes and often colourful cloud tops. This is the result of complex weather patterns often due to different cloud bands blowing in opposite directions at high speeds, and certain elements responsible for the different colours.

This is a much harder pattern to create digitally than one would think, there's much more than using the liquify tool on a gradient in Photoshop or worse still - just manipulate an image of Jupiter which will always reveal familiar features that gives that away. So hopefully this resource pack will save hours of time and add that same weight of value to your space scenes. This is usable in both 2D and 3D art, but first read these terms of usage:

Conditions of use:police:
:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to use these in commissioned work or other commercial products without direct permission from me, and chances are I will ask for a small portion of the profits if the stock plays a prominent role.
:bulletyellow: You CAN however use these in deviations you want to make available as prints, provided they are only sold as deviant prints like most artists here do.
:bulletgreen: You are not allowed to re-distribute these images passing them off as your own stock material. This includes changing the colours, adding shading, rendering 3D spheres using the maps, turning them into brushes, picture tubes or textures etc.
:bulletblue: You MUST credit me and link back to either this or my main dA page under any deviation you use these images in. I helped you, so you help me.
:idea:Tips for 2D artists!
If you have no 3D programs, then the "Premade Planets" gives you the option to use a planet that's tilted on an angle rather than just "straight-on". The premade planets are uniformly-lit, so you are in total control over what "phase" the planet appears in and can add a glowing atmosphere around it to your liking. Just open one, duplicate the layer, select the black areas around it and "cut" to get the planet off the background and drag it into your scene.

You can however try to use the texture-maps to make your own planets too. You can even overlay different maps over each other, play with the colour balance or gradient map features etc in Photoshop to create an endless array of new gas giant maps based on existing ones.
:idea:Tips for 3D artists!
Obviously the way to go is use one of the "Texture maps" on a 3D sphere and you practically have an instant planet! But you can also create a set of concentric spheres, each ever so slightly larger than the one underneath and use different maps on the outer spheres with another map again as an alpha, which can give nice "mixed patterns" (how the premade planets were made actually)

You can "tile" the texture if the planet is up close like in the preview art too, to help avoid loss of detail on closeup renders. Be careful though, while the maps join seamlessly to the left and right, they may not at the top and bottom.
:idea:Tips for Vue artists!
If you use Vue Infinite or higher you are lucky and can use both the maps and planets! for true 3D planets, follow all steps mentioned above for 3D artists and make the planet really huge and push it way beyond Vue's "world limits" and have the "aerial perspective" of the atmosphere fairly high.

Vue infinite and xstream has the "custom" planet feature, load Vue's default planet (which always appears beyond the atmosphere), click "custom" and search for the premade planet of your choice, a great asset to your sci-fi scenes if you want to avoid Vue's familiar Solar System planets.

Enjoy! please adhere to the conditions of use, and remember almost all my art is NOT stock material unless I have clearly stated otherwise like here

Used offsite with my permission on Celestia here [link]
© 2009 - 2022 Chromattix
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Omg man this is insane, one of the best I have seen so far!

With what program I use this planets?

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It's been a while since I made them but Photoshop or other image-editing programs should work fine. They're 2D image files after all so that makes them quite versatile.

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how did you use the liquify tool to make it even morre realistic? looks like they could be used 4 planet nine or my celestia rework (gas exoplanet textures)!
Chromattix's avatar
More than just the liquify tool was used. Manual painting goes far too. Though even with liquifying it I did it multiple times over and faded it on the second (or sometimes third) times to get something halfway between it and the first attempt. It's kinda hard to explain though, I tried all sorts of things since the liquify tool alone doesn't cut it.
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How the actual hell did you make these textures?! These are absolutely godlike!!
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Lots of liquify tool, and layering, and liquify tool, and a bit of noise/smudge too. The exact technique is too long to describe properly, but it's doable even without using real images (though that might help, but it's too easy to leave familiar looking patterns in there)
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used one of the textures for a blue planet The Passage of Time by bbbhyt
blabladog's avatar
I adore these!! there awsome :happybounce: thanks a lot:D (Big Grin) 
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Can I use this for a non profit fan-film? I'm working on a fan-film based on Alien in Unreal 4, and I was wondering if I may have permission to use it.
Chromattix's avatar
I suppose that's OK. Just provide credibility where due =p
MrGodzilla445's avatar
This is what I used for. Video is not monetized, and you are credited in the description with a link to your profile. It'll probably be a placeholder for now, as I plan on practicing and eventually making an animated texture. Hope you like it.…  
Chromattix's avatar
Cool! Nice to see it animated actually :thumbsup:
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Thank you! I used your image here
SitiSchu's avatar
I used them for texturing a Logo. I hope how I used them is ok otherwise ill remove them if you want:

They can be found here:…
Chromattix's avatar
That seems fine, as long as they're non-commercial use :)
SitiSchu's avatar
Nope they are free :)
Chibi-ten-shi's avatar
Hi!! I used one of you gas planet here :…
Thanks for your work (it's pretty good, I love it!)
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Interesting character =p
These textures look great! Finally I've found some realistic looking ones for turbulent gas giants that aren't obviously manipulations of Jupiter!

I'd like to use modified versions of them in add-ons for Celestia (like the one you linked in the description) and Orbiter Space Flight Simulator.
These add-ons will be released non-commercially and I'll credit you in the documentation.
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Yeah, it's hard to find decent ones that aren't clearly Jupiter's :XD:

I suppose that stuff is OK then if credit is given :) Maybe link to them once they're out so I can note down it was used properly :)
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Amazing pack. Use one here -…
Thank you very much.
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