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Forever and a Cay

This harmonious hybrid between my Space art and my Tropical landscapes was submitted as a small celebration of my 2nd birthday since joining DeviantArt. Just see how far I have come when You compare this with a similar deviation submitted on my last birthday [link] Yes a years worth of practice does come a long way and so does the addition of new programs that have allowed me to expand my artistic horizons further.

Some may have picked up the clever title too, well thats not just a random thing. It was going to have a different name but when I said "the rendering has taken forever and a day" It struck me. Not only did the first render take over 71 hours ( nearly 3 days ) Much to my blind fury I realised the first render came out TOTALLY BLACK !! My computer couldn't handle the detail level so I rendered it smaller...all over again ! So the rendering alone took nearly a week, while the making of the 3D scene took at least 30 hours with another 10 or so hours in Photoshop... Hope it was worthwhile

So make my day and FAV LIKE CRAZY ! ...I consider it one of my personal bests.

like all my art, Ripping is prohibited. I've seen screenshots submitted which is OK provided you make a link back to my main page
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The scene of the world enchants the view.Hug Heart 
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...beautiful, "great ideas come, where water meets the sand."
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I never heard that quote before.
HammerinInkminer's avatar
.::smiles and nods::.'s because it is my own -- created several yrs. back.  just a reminder to me, that I think a bit clearer when on a very nice beach.
I mean the one in the center of your sky.
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Oh, that's just a planet half in shadow, the rest is invisible at the moment, sorta like how a half-moon looks when it's out in the daytime.
I this supposed to be a moon of the planet dead center?
Chromattix's avatar
Never heard of that actually :O
I adore the beachball one!! I wish I could draw! 
Chromattix's avatar
Glad you liked e'm :)
they are beautiful!! seriously,I love the beach ball concepts :) 
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Time well spent. This is a stunning piece.
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Holy crap this looks like a photo manipulation! :wow: I had to check the category you'd put it in just to make sure it really was a drawing! The water in particular is insanely realistic looking. Overall looks like a lovely place to be =).
Chromattix's avatar
I almost forgot this one existed :slow: It was certainly above my usual standards for the time and I was pretty happy with the water especially :bow:
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I just need someone to walk along that beach with. Our home would look out upon this. I would need some wind chimes for the breeze. and the weather would be warm and gentle, any rain that falls would do so softly. Of course I would have to have my creature necessities and comfort but that wouldn't be much. I wouldn't need a lot of things, like an Auto, loud music, and things of that nature, just a love who understands and a life that while serene will still open up possibilities each day.
Chromattix's avatar
Sounds good to me! Those the chimes might get annoying in hurricane season...Though not as annoying as those who blast their music loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to 1:00am :fight:
8legs's avatar
I hear you about the music and since the won't be any Auto's, no loud mufflers. We have an idiot that comes through about 5:30 in the morning and he just has to downshift all the time. We are only 2500 ft. from an Interstate, a large 4 lane highway that goes through the states, it is quieter than this idiot is. We are also at a four way intersection with stop signs posted at each corner, do you think they can read? No! right on through, I nearly got clobbered once. Our street ends, not a through street, but does that matter? No, again, they just turn around in my driveway or if they are really stupid, have gone over my lawn! OK, we will put up the wind chime occasionally, I will just lay my ear to your chest, that will be so soothing and so nice. Oh, what dreams are made of!!! Forever and Cay. Wear your Jeans, please, tight, and your leather pants, tight as well and your leather and other coats but on a really warm day, just your Speedo so I can lay my ear on your chest and hear the music within you..
Chromattix's avatar
Luckily it's rare for me to put up with something like that...anymore. Places I used to live in had jerks with their noise-enhanced cars passing through regularly, their music loud enough to make my windows vibrate before I even saw their high-beams burning through it. I think the average 20-something year old guy just takes too much pride in their car, I couldn't care less. But having said that - there is a certain degree I should care, I don't wanna drive something that's an embarrassment to be seen in :XD:

But then again, I've for a few years now been dreaming of a motorbike, they're so much more cooler than cars. But I also don't want to get mutilated in an accident, so 'm still unsure about that ^^; Oh, and I never wear speedos. I'm not a part of the 0.5% of guys who can look good in those :stinkeye:
8legs's avatar

It is not so much pride here, it is just being obnoxious. Our law enforcement has been cut back so--we need to save money and do useless things like--I don't know,  the money disappears and so does the services that we pay our taxes on! These idiots with their cars, you would think they would care about what they do but I guess that is asking way too much. Be a Jerk and care less about anything is their mantra. I have my doubts about humanity at times. A motor bike would be nice but not one of those things that sounds like a fleet of diesel trucks! How fast and loud do you really need to be? With our weather here, bikes are good in the warmer climes but not here in the Winter. Small cars would be great but the snow can really pile up in a hurry, again I advocate a tram system but that will never happen here although 70 years ago we had such systems, you still can walk the roadbeds through the country areas. Michigan is home of the Auto and the Auto rules here and no not in our best interest either.

I will take your word on the Speedo but I have my doubt, I think you underestimate yourself in that area. You are a heartthrob. I respect your view on it and won't make an issue, but, don't give up your Leather pants or Jeans or Coats, ever!!!

Nice vacation spot...I love your imagination!
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I'd love to go here someday if this place was real (:
Chromattix's avatar
Similar places do exist...without the moons, but travelling can be costly :shakefist:
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