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Earth's Engine Exposed

By Chromattix
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It's rare for me to have the time to create something the moment I get inspiration anymore, but I couldn't help but start on this the day I found out (thanks to one of Google's neat little home page animations) that it marked the 127th birthday of Inge Lehmann - a seismologist who had revealed from her studies the nature of the earth's deepest secret (literally) - the presence of an inner and outer core. I noticed that about a week ago, so this pic is late, but hey - it's not like the earth can be created in seven days :paranoid:

Interestingly, the iron inner core of the earth is said to be as hot as the surface of the sun, yet completely solid due to the pressure of the weight of everything above it even though it is way beyond melting temperature. The outer core however flows more like a liquid, the rotation of which contributes to the invisible yet valuable magnetic field that extends beyond the earth a lot further than the atmosphere does, as well as providing energy for a whole bunch of other geological events that both destroy and create. One could say the earth is only alive on the surface because it's alive on the inside. And that's why geology rocks ;)

Creating this was a tough decision between choosing what seemed real and what seemed cool. I decided to go for cool (yet still at least accurate to the many diagrams I've seen of this stuff since I was a little kid) as such a clean-cut view of any planet is likely never to happen so in a way I went for something that better matched the simplicity of those diagrams seen on school projects the world over, only with an added sense of epicness to it 8-)

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Ah yes, the empires planetary execution method

amazing picture but the earth's core is still a theory and we don't really know for sure what's inside our planet because we have never drilled deep enough to confirm the core's existence , we suppose it exist because of seismology

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I only learned this year that the mantle is solid for the most part. Now I'm learning the core might not even exist :shocked: I mean it could just be a gradual transition from liquid to solid for all we know. But it would be cool if it still had an actual boundary like we've always assumed.

the core of the earth is the source of everything!! the materials from which we made buildings, the mountains we climb, the atmosphere we breath, the oceans we swim in, the volcanoes we fear, the forests we walk in, the grass we walk upon, the resources we harness, and life itself!! all of it.

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Alternate title: Earth's Gooey Center
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Godam. This is is what you make on a whim? I'm gonna have to take a look at your other art.
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It's a fractal of candle wax that's being heated by the burnt wick at the center of the candle but far enough from the wick that the wax is representation of being heated by the idea of the flame from within the surrounding heated wax from within.

Don't quote me boy I ain't said shi.
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This was done in order to show the true power of flex-tape. I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF! 
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My new Background.
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Well that's just about the coolest expletive thing I've ever seen in my life
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Holy fuck! How does someone create something this facinating?!?!?

Oh I'll never be like you...
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You took the words out of my mouth!
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Oi, this is an art website, not a job website. Keep your spam and jam it.
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What is the resolution of this at max? I want to buy a print.
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The largest print available is 76 x 114cm and may contain a border. DA lets your preview what you'll get by clicking "Buy this print" next to the artwork (don't worry you won't actually buy anything until you pick a size and go through the checkout pages) 
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Hey can i use the background for the New Final Destination stage
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