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Dawn of Man

By Chromattix
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A same sky shared by two different worlds came about at the Dawn of Man and his machines. The birds suddenly found themselves making their migrating journey higher and higher through generations to keep themselves up in the cooling breeze, enjoying the sun to ensure they didn't dip below the lethal and dark realm of Man...

My entry to the first installment of the eARTh string of contests held by =K-lenx The first of which is given the theme "pollution" and as you can see, I think mine cleary shows that - well clear enough to forgive my rather weak intro up there (hey, its late here :bored:)

There's more symbolism here than you think, I tried to give it more meaning. The air up top is a pure refreshing blue, so clear that you can even see the dark side of the moon a bit, whilist in the smoggy bottom half, you'd be lucky to see the buildings a few miles off in the thick, artificially-heated lower atmosphere...The rays up top may just be the sun peering through to the untrained eye, but they could even suggest God himself is being buried under what the creatures he made in his image who were supposed to take CARE of this world, have made (I'm not religious by the way, but the symbolism of "God" still is pretty appropriate for anyone really :pray:)...there are even 21 birds exactly, to represent the 21st century :nod: though I'm not sure if the smaller ones are visible in here (I'd love to make full-view bigger, but you know - art theifs :shakefist:)

Made using a mix of Cinema 4D, Vue 6 and Photoshop. Some photo's were manipulated to form the raw base for the clouds, and a stock from image*after was used for the birds. Everything else is either modelled or painted from scratch :)

Edit: wow, I have never gotten 900 faves in the first 24 hours before. That's a new milestone for me. Thanks a lot to all those who faved!

Edit2: I won!!! yep, here's the contest results too [link]

Artwork made and copyrighted by Matthew "priteeboy". You do not have permission to use, edit or display my artwork on any other gallery or site without permission
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I got a possible solution involving mist cannons. We just need enough materials, a way to round up pollution without messing up air currents, and a safe place to store it all.
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PerfectDarkCHobbyist Photographer
Still have this on my wall and I fucking love it!
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
After all these years? That's great to hear :thanks:
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I appreciate your work,and I want to ask what's your opinion on this poem that I've done inspired by one of your fotos,…

Thanks in advance,
All my best wishes,

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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Not bad. Seems to be pretty accurate ;)
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Maddog1996Hobbyist General Artist
If we don't change just imagine the wonders an HORRORS that we could do :(

Hopefully we will stop thinking about money more then the environment :brainstorm: . :)
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose one day we're gonna have to, like it or not - or be reverted back to the stone age because our resources ran out or become too impractical (and expensive) to obtain :O
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Maddog1996Hobbyist General Artist
So true, but I think that when the time comes the fear of no future
is going to make us change our ways, hopefully Confused 
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madmadman01 General Artist
brilliant work
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Another awesome image of a real time problem - pollution! Faving!
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Humanity: 1
Stupid birds: 0
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh they'll get us back...they'll shit on our cars right after we cleaned them :shakefist:
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H4NAHobbyist Traditional Artist
Featured in my Journal! [link]
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyou! :)
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Music---JunkyHobbyist General Artist
Great concept <3
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How much would you sell this for as a digital slighty higher res photo? And id like to use it for a dvd cover that wont be sold and will display your name on the art. What would it take for me to be able to do this. Thanks!
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
That all depend son how high-res it has to be, and for what it will be used for. Some people can buy prints through d if they just want a small one to look at. For ones used on actual stuff, the payment goes to me before a copy of the file is sent out. Stuff that's going to be distributed, shared or sold understandably needs to be a bit more to compensate on my end.
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not to burst your bubble, but the two giant stalks on the left? Yeah, those in any type of refinery only emit steam. Which is water. Which doesn't pollute.
Still a beautiful work of art.
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
The steam is more of a representation though since that's the more iconic symbol of those power plants...Plus too much water vapour in the air can also trigger a greenhouse effect. That's what happened to Venus :ohnoes:
nohbodygames's avatar
Yes. I know it was a representation.
I just wanted you to know it was an incorrect one,
so that,
if in the future,
you create another pollution orientated work of art,
that steam isn't the main pollutant.
And Venus's greenhouse effect took place over trillions of years.....
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so true
this is whats human´s hands have done :(
hopefully all together we can fix it
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, only we can fix the damage. If left to nature it could take millions of years to heal on its own :faint:
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I have no words.

ugh, y u so good??!?!?!?
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Because I do nothing else with my life :psychotic:
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