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Conure Cay

This was going to be the image for "Earth" in my Solar System calendar I've been working on. A paradise in the tropics I figured was the best type of environment to show off how Earth is truely the Solar System's "garden of Eden". True that Mankind is ruining it, but in all fairness - nature still dominates most of Earth's surface area :earth:

But I came up with an even more suitable landscape that a few more people would be able to relate to, as the other planets come across a tad bit surreal, I wanted Earth to have a very familiar scene. So rather than let this one go to waste, I thought I'd submit it here as a normal deviation

Made using Vue 7 and Photoshop as usual, oh - there are three birds in there too :sherlock:

All artwork in my gallery remains the copyrighted property of me. Do not use or distribute my art without my permission

This artwork was paid for and used with my permission on the cover of "Sanctuary", a collection of nature sounds by David Sun. So no need to be alarmed if you see it on that.
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conyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa land Parrot dancing in front of a mirror emoticon 
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One landed on me when I was watering the front yard once. It was trained and everything. Couldn't track down the owner so I could have kept it. Unfortunately this happened just months after we got a cat so there was no way that was happening (I do love my cat though :aww:)
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That´s is beautiful, love it.
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But it's not real because it doesn't exist in Universe 7 our world. I would love to live on an Earth more like that, with that type of anime.
I spent a couple of hours trying to find this image after seeing it on someone's timeline.  I'm originally from Hawaii and thought to myself, knowing all the islands pretty much, figured out Conure Cay is not in Hawaii.  Now the question is, how can I buy a copy of this beautiful scene?
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Haha, yeah - this aint a real location. Just inspired by some real ones ;)

You can buy prints if you want, just hit the "but this print" link on the right side of the artwork and there's a range of sizes and printing formats to choose from (it is limited by the dimensions of the artwork and what dA can print though)
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Thanks. Glad to be the exception :XD:
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Gold Cup by KmyGraphic Congraz you´re Deviation is featured by :iconeyecatchart: have a great day Roses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic
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Awesome! Thanks a lot :handshake:
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Thanks. It's a shame because I really love it. But, obviously if someone else has already used it, my work may be identified with that author, and I wouldn't want that. However, I think you are really talented and look forward to seeing more of your work. 
Great landscape and so many details... beautiful and fascinating! :)
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Glad you liked it :D
THAT is gorgeous. If it was real I'd be there in a heartbeat. IS it possible to get it for a desktop image? Please. I promise not to use it for anything else but I cannot imagine looking at anything else after seeing this. If not I understand but it is all over the internet but I prefer to ask permission first.
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I guess that's OK. Just give me your e-mail address and a preferred screen size ratio (since I might have to crop it) however I don't give out really huge (2000 pixels or more) images.
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These pictures would look better without the deviantart logo. Is that there for copyright issues?
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Unfortunately yes. I got tired of people using these on posters, CD covers or backgrounds for their shoddily-drawn anthro characters :no:
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I mean, before you put the logo on?
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